What are you currently listening to?


I can’t see that one of these threads has been done for quite some time, though my apologies if it is unecessary to start a new one.

Anyway what are you currently listening to?

Me? Big Big Train - Underfall Yard

(I’m a big fan of prog rock, sorry!)

(Thomas Bellotti) #2

Lately I’ve been on a big creedence kick.

I’ve always loved them, but I remember how violated I felt when I learned that these good 'ol boys were not, in fact, born on a bayou. Nor did they hail from down in Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana.

They were from the big city, San Francisco. I told my buddy who had informed me of this that there was no way, and they had to be from some down south place. Google confirmed his assertion, and I was truly confused haha.

Didn’t affect my love for the music one bit, though. Still love me some CCR

({John15}) #3

The Naked Bible Podcast!


I love me some CCR as well. What surprised me more to learn about them was that they weren’t really into drink or drugs!

(Thomas Bellotti) #5

Agreed. Especially being from the bay during that era, that’s pretty darn rare.

(Jacob Waugh) #6

Phillip Phillips.

(Tyler) #7


The final audiobook of The Wheel of Time series.


Ricerside - Wasteland


The Beatles in Mono collection.


Ooooh nice! The only album of theirs I have heard in mono is Sgt Pepper, I was surprised by just how different the mix is compared to the stereo one which I was already so familiar with (in a good way!)


Yea, and later digitals of their albums are really compressed and they sound small. The mono ones are open and have much more detail.

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

If we’re talking about music, well, at home I pretty much only ever have the Mozart or Vivaldi channels playing via Pandora. In the car I am usually tuned to KUSC (Los Angeles Classical music station).

(ZAC) #14

At this moment I’m listening to birds singing gleefully on this unseasonably warm midwest day. It is glorious.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #15

Toilet flushing. O…h…Wait. To much information! :nauseated_face:

(Nathan) #16



Got the playlist on shuffle… just finish Cypress Hill Boom Biddy Bye-Bye, Andrew WK is on next getting the party started! :grinning:

(Sergio) #18

thanks to New Years I’ve had Pitbull stuck in my head. I’m a FIREBALL!!

(ChrisFrancz) #19

I listen to this song to and from work every day. I do not live far from work.


Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris & the Birds…