What are you listening to today?

What’s playing out of your speakers today? ;D

Always Motion City Soundtrack. Pretty much every day.

Also starting to listen to some My Chemical Romance. Not bad.

Coldplay Parachutes, full album.

Also random hardcore dub step.

As well as some of Chopin’s Ballades.

Interesting mix…

In the car this afternoon, Bo Diddley, “A Man Amongst Men,” the first 4 tracks or so of the CD. (Well, technically, an mp3 I made from the CD.)

At home, earlier this evening, Malcolm Frager Plays Chopin, Telarc CD-80040, track 1 (Polonaise in A-Flat Major, Op. 52 “Heroic”).

Also at home, earlier this evening, George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue,” Misha Dichter (piano), Neville Marriner, Philharmonia Orchestra, Philips CD 411 123-2.

Thank you! A fellow Classical Pianist!

Emmylou Harris - Pieces of the Sky (album), Portraits (album).

Ghetto Funk Volumes 1, 2, and 3 about 10 hours of remixes of classics

Robert Johnson, Blind Gary Davis, Son House.

Green Day: 21 Century Breakdown (whole CD)

Panic! At the discos album pretty. odd.
owl city’s new EP ultraviolet
plain white t’s EP should’ve gone to bed and the album wonders of the younger
Schiller’s album opus
Lindsey stirling
One republics album native
Halestorms album strange cases of…

And if your wonder how i was listening to all this music today I was on a 10 hour car ride back from vacation so I had time on my hands.

HOTTO DOGU by Shawn wasabi.

Neil young

7 hour car ride. Ugh

Good choices all around.

yeah a 10 hour car ride snt fun. especially when in the last 4 hours your goes car crazy.

Gram Parsons stuff - Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers.


Alternative music…cold play, black keys, muse, Gary Clark, jr., madness, kings of Leon…
Oh crap I forgot so many…….Chris Cornell front cover man & that Michigan garage band………sounds like Led Zepplin….&Badflower…Nirvana….

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Ludo, Green Day, said the whale, and dan mangan. All day every day

August burns red and wolves at the gate… Maybe some beartooth later haha