What are you currently listening to?

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Been jamming the heck out of random chillwave/synthwave and lofi playlists on YT for the past week. Instrumental music is so good to work to

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This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads
Possibly my favourite song of all time.


When I’m listening to something, I usually listen to Queens of the Stone Age.

Nobody does rock ‘n’ roll like Queens of the Stone Age.


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QOTSA are just diluted Kyuss

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Your face is just diluted Kyuss.

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Canary Cry News Talk, podcast. :call_me_hand:t2:

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Doesn’t get much cooler than this



Fear Inoculum is out finally and have been loving it. So worth the 13 year wait <3

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I like it but definitely didn’t have to take 13 years. Dudes just got too busy with everything else.

Because sometimes 30 year old you wants to listen to same music as 15 year old you XD

I’ve never had that not be the case.

I definitely listen to stuff now that 15 year old me wouldn’t have ever listened to lol
Two more for good measure

In the court of the crimson king, by King Crimson
Recently I’ve been interested in a lot of songs that are from the 90’s and 80’s, twice or more older than 14 old me


Brilliant album!! I’m sure you’re aware that album is from 1969 so well before I was born too!

King Crimson are hard to beat

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Since I’ve started casually playing guitar again, I’m listening to a lot of Metallica again.

Joyner Lucas’s I’m Sorry.
It’s been that kind of week…

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Flying Lotus in preparation for the concert I’m going to on Friday.

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Joyner is so good - one of the best in the game imo
Sorry to hear you’re going thru some ish right now my dude