What are you currently listening to?

Yes! Also there is Meddle which features Echoes! I assume you have also watched Live AT Pompei to death? Had a VHS of it when I was 15/16 and me and my friends watched it endlessly.

How about Soundtrack to More? That one seems to get most overlooked however it does have the heaviest song they ever recorded in the form of ‘The Nile Song’! Wild stuff! :slight_smile:


I jammed More today, actually! And Meddle is definitely excellent. They’re just so great!

Plus if you live in rural England something about that era of their sound resonates all the more (in the same way I imagine living in different parts of the US makes The Dead resonate further)

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As chaotic as it is, I do love my country. And Pete Seeger wrote this song. Pete is one of my heroes! He’s like, Mr. Rogers status of American awesomeness, a true folk legend :heart:

May his soul rest in peace!


Muddy Waters Radio this morning.

Guilty pleasure Eminem playlist on the drive into work though.

Probably a good amount of Wu at the carne asada party at my place tonight though.

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We listen to the same stuff. Power Trip is some great stuff!





I find the background grunts and other noises somewhat annoying. Distracts from the piece a lot.

I don’t mind them much. But I understand why you would feel that way.

This is especially why I enjoy actually playing this myself. There’s nothing particularly spectacular about it, it’s just a melody that I’ve grown quite fond of.

Get a little Snarky Puppy in your day:

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Some dad metal today \m/

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These guys were absolutely nuts back in the day. Now they sound like sissies.

Got to see them live three times, and every time they absolutely killed it.

They have such an envelopingly huge sound.

Symphony X were one of my favorite bands a couple years ago, the odyssey and Paradise Lost were my jam!

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If I ever land beefhook clean on camera, I’ve got a ton of “failed attempt” videos from the past year or so.

I plan on editing all the fail clips into one video over the end portion of The Odyssey, and then when the song goes:

“Triiii uuuum phant, champion of Iiithacaaa!”

I’m gonna edit in the epic successful one, and hopefully several other ones for the duration of that section of the song.

Beefhook has become personal vendetta for me lol, if I’m gonna film a success video, I’m going all out :sweat_smile:


Sounds like a great video! Symphony X are local to me and I remember when they used to open shows back in the day. I don’t really listen to them now, but I’m proud of them for what they achieved.

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TOOL finally entered 2013 and started streaming their entire catalog so I’m listening to that while my son sleeps on me.

I’m looking forward to seeing that! Best of luck!