What are some of your unique yo-yos?


This is one of the very best yo-yos I have ever had the pleasure to throw and own. It is a magnesium body and also has inner and outer weight rings. Low production numbers and just an amazing design from Kyle Weems. It comes in an air tight canister. And has an amazingly appropriate name.
Death Robot :+1:t2:


Yes! This one is suprisingly great…


Illy Liopleurodon in an experimental Teflon finish called ‘Canflon’.

Only a few made I am pretty sure?


Wow! :boom: (ten chatacters).


I just saw this today somewhere else, then see you posted it here… I would love to snag one. That looks amazing to me.
Considering how well the magnum plays I’ll bet it plays at another level.


This is kinda unique. A Yoyojam Big Ben with a custom paint job.


This was a neat and unusual Dale Bell experiment.

The Jamboo>


A few things make the next images ‘unique’.

You’re looking at a Brand New ‘old’ 888. And a Brand New ‘new’ 888gt.

They have traits that make them similar. And they have traits that make them very different.

Hard to beat the 888… But the gt is pretty darn good🤓

(Sergey) #50

Have anyone already tried to install some weight rings into 888GT, Dif-e-yo`s for example?


Wouldn’t that be like putting cheese on the bottom of a Pizza?

(Justin Thompson) #52

My SB-2. Bought it when I was 12 or so, now I’m 33. My daughter found it a few months ago and Ive fallen back in love w the hobby.