What are some of the more unique yo-yos currently being sold?


A few yo-yos have piqued my interest for being different like the Core Co. Standard (Delrin shells and aluminum core), Metal Skyva (Aluminum shell and delrin caps), and the Hipster High Life (Can attach lego pieces to it). What are some yo-yos being sold on here that really stand out as being different in your opinion? :slight_smile:

(Ian sims) #2

2 sick yoyos knight because unlike a normal bi metal it has metal rings INSIDE the yoyo


Core Co Standard
CoreCo Alleycat
44RPM Rhythm
44RPM Blues
Static x OD Parlay
Skyva Metal - was unique then some companies jumped on it and started making one like it, still calling it unique though.
One Drop Kuntosh
One Drop Prescription
a/RT Grail
a/RT Peon & Squib

Few that come to mind, I know some will disagree with me on a couple/few of these, but I’ll stand by each of them as unique :slight_smile:


Ninedragons (I still really want to try one of these :slight_smile: )


I guess I’m attracted to the unique yoyo, I own 4 from AaronW’s list

(Zammy Ickler ) #6

The G-squaredyoyos Wolf if you ask me is pretty unique by itself.



I’d have to say nine dragons as well.


2Sick Fianchetto is odd, but in a good way.


Basecamp makes some unique throws.


Any of the kuyostar that have the v5 parts. I think that v5 is easier to use than the full bodied 9 dragons.