Core Concept Yoyos (Core Co.) now with more mysterious prototype hype.


Excited for this release! If I can’t pre-order may have to drive up to the Bay and grab one!! ;D

Thanks again for the write up Randy!!

It’s really sweet to see unique projects like these put out when every other release seems to be “slightly changed trick monster of the week” type stuff (not that there’s anything inherently wrong with those). I’m not even totally sure if the yoyo is my style, I just appreciate the effort and vision. Good luck with the release!

Looks super interesting! You guys seem to keep coming up with great designs but do you plan on revisiting the standard and making new bodies for it?

This thing feels awesome and unique on the string. I would definitely pick one up


More than plan to, we’re on it! Without getting into too much detail and depth, the original Standards cost us a lot, and we didn’t make that money back very quickly since we were just starting out. As we’ve grown and gained some steam, we’re finally in a position to do what we originally wanted with the Standard. New shells should be here this summer :slight_smile:

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That’s Awesome to hear! I’ve been wondering this for a while so thank you for filling me in on your guys’ situation