Next big yoyo break through?


Bearings were a massive break through in yoyoing and so was having the ability to play unresponsive. What do you guys think could possibly be the next big thing?


It’s a question I often think about myself. What will really be the next big game changing innovation? It’s so difficult to see without inagining things like yoyos with engines which keep them spinning. I know they exist, but they dont exactly bring much to the table.


I think core co is doing some pretty groundbreaking work right now.


Or at least had the intention too… It has been close to a year now and we still haven’t seen a new pair of shells made for the core. :-\


I personally think that a yoyo that is powered in a way other than a throw (electricity or whatnot) would take the fun right out of yoyoing.


I agree. Could still be useful, and perhaps groundbreaking as a learning and trick development aid.

(rizkiyoist) #7

The true question is, is it necessary to have a breakthrough?
We often think about how things changed in the past and that it just have to happen again, otherwise we are not going anywhere.
This obviously is not true.
The shape of an axe overall hasn’t changed since thousands of years, and the biggest breakthrough was when people learned about metals and how to work with them. Since then it’s basically the same, except we now have better technology to make them more accurate, stronger, cheaper, etc. Sure there are attempts in using radical materials and shapes but since they are not practical or not affordable there is simply no reason to.
Also when we first have bearings in yoyos, it was basically to solve a problem where people want the yoyo to spin longer, which further open up new possibilities. However, in a sense most ‘breakthrough’ is an assist. People want the yoyo spin longer so they used bearings, people want the yoyo easier to catch so yoyos get wider, people want the string to keep being centered so string centering bearings emerged.
But how far?
In racing world, they developed aerodynamics to increase grip in a turn, they developed anti lock brake system, traction control, stability control, many of them are basically assists. They make things interesting up to a point. However, I sure don’t want to watch a race where the cars drives themselves, you know.


Probably just experimenting with different metals

(major_seventh) #9

They’re making them, and I’ve seen shells be replaced in person. They work well; I’m assuming they’ll be up soon.


It’s a secret. And it’s closer now than ever before. Im stoked.


Would changing the shell on a Core Co. yoyo achieve much other than hand feel? As long as the metal inside remains the same, wouldn’t the weight distribution remain more or less the same?