Whats next?

Ok… so a lot of companies are pushing the boundaries for yoyos these days. But is it just me or does it seem like … pretty much most yo-yos will give you super long spin time and crazy stability.

Now I am not saying that every yoyo out there plays the same, just saying that nowadays you get a top performing yoyo with most brands, doesn’t even have to be a $100 yoyo.

but if you think about it … nothing has really changed for a while … and when I say change … i mean like … a huge change …

Like back when ball bearings were the new thing …or when yoyoing went unresponsive … i know that different shapes and design along with weight distribution has played a key role recently …and that is changing how we throw and we see different styles/play … which is slowly evolving things

but I am just thinking … what is the next big change … that will effect everyone ?

Just curious to know what you guys think…

Nothing, I like yoyos just how they are.

Airtight bearing, improved split decision, improved SPR?

All of that on a yoyo with Side Effects.

Collab with General Yo and CLYW too…Call it the Code Yetistar.

As I have said in numerous threads rim side effects. Not the Delrin on the split d actual metal. I may or may not be looking at this in cad myself.


+$15 for special edition colorways.

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Almond Mod is coming out i heard…


I like the cereal mod better


The magnetic yoyo is a completely new design. Not saying I like or dislike it but it is a change.

closest thing we got.

3d printing.

3d printers are rapidly becoming more accurate and are able to print in a wider range of materials. Eventually 3d printers will be able to construct yoyos that have designs that are not possible with currently technology. Hollow yoyos, that kind of thing.

But, this will probably be a good 10 or 15 years into the future.


I think the 2 biggest realistic game changers out there right now are the bimetals we’re seeing from Japanese companies and Side Effects. SEs seem substantially less gimmicky than something like hubstacks (although they certainly fill that niche too with so many colors and a few shapes having the same weight) and I don’t think they have been explored to even close to their full potential

Yeah. That the throw I was talking about.

You can already see that most new throws nowadays are moving towards low walls and more rim weight. High walled and organic throws are much fewer and far between.

As has been mentioned, bi-metal I think will catch on a bit more in the next few years. Granted, it’s been done before, and the YYJ patent will limit development within the US, but with the recent Sturm Panzer releases as well as the Draupnir, it wouldn’t suprise me if a lot more Japanese and other foreign companies started experimenting with new metal combinations.

Who will be the first to bust out the Tungsten weight rings eh? waits patiently

Werrd Beef, came out a while ago.

It’s not necessarily that big of a thing right now, but I would venture the development of more throws like the yoyojoker Exceed. Interchangeable hubs/bearing seats and response/body. If more throws were developed like that customization possibilities could be huge. I already received a nice set of limited edition Exceed hubs with my Eternity.

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