New Release! The Core Concepts STANDARD!


Core Concept Yo-Yos (Core Co.) is a yo-yo company started by three players with over 40 years combined experience in the yo-yo community. They strive to bring innovative and reliable products to the market as well as produce high quality content for the community. The company began with an idea for a yo-yo that could maintain a certain standard of playability that would not be affected by changing the yo-yos shape. The result is their first yo-yo – The Standard!

The Standard consists of three individual pieces per half: an aluminum H-shaped Core, a thin delrin Shell, and a small brass spacer. The Standard’s shells are thin enough to flex and bounce, but sturdy enough not to crack. This makes for an incredibly durable yo-yo, and also means it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as a full metal yo-yo if you get a snag or a weird bind. These Delrin shells are also made to be easily swappable, which means that if you damage your yo-yo you can always make it fresh again with a new pair of Shells(rebuild kits coming soon).

As time goes on Core Co. will be releasing alternative colored and shaped Shells, all backwards compatible with the current Standard Core. The Standard’s play is one of a kind, it has all the fun, comfortable feeling of a plastic throw with the smoothness and performance you expect from a high end metal.

Don’t underestimate the performance of the Standard due to its comfortable and forgiving feel, this yo-yo is just as powerful as it is fun!


Hey everyone, my name’s Randy and I designed this yoyo. I’ll be hanging out in the yoyoexpert chat for a few hours during the release if you guys wanna come say hey or ask any questions.


Just posted a thorough review of the Standard over in the review section. Link to the thread is in my signature.

The TL;DR version of the review: The Standard is awesomely fun, and you should definitely consider buying one!