What are some of your unique yo-yos?

Do you have any yo-yos that totally stand out from the majority of ones that you have thrown? What makes it unique? I bought a CLYW Cliff because I thought it had an interesting shape to it. I don’t have it yet so I can’t say that it has a different feel to it. The Hattori looks interesting as well 8).

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As ubiquitous as it is, I think the OG Horizon stands out as unique.

In my Collection each OD I own stands out as unique. The Deep State, Parley, Kuntosh 5000qv, Downbeat, and Gauntlet are each pretty different from other yoyos I own. I imagine the Gauntlet is similar to some other wide organics, though, like maybe the Manatee?

The Fiancetto is another one that really stands out. I’d love to try a Daytona, to see if they are similar.

The Flea of course, is a unique experience. I think The Flea would be one of the very last yoyos I’d ever let go of.

Even though the Alley Cat is a similar shape and niche as the Deep State, it has very different play characteristics. I sold a Dif-e-yo Dazzy Fly a while back, because I didn’t appreciate that kind of play then. I wish I still had it now to compare.

Space lobster proto

Sorry for the shameless self plug :slight_smile:


^It certainly looks unique!

Missed my chance to throw a space lobster today… real life sucks sometimes :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

Definitely the Yoyofficer Zealot.

SPYY Flying V and Duncan Mg both stand out to me as having unique play characteristics.

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This - by far this.


I️ feel you man, real life can bite. I’ll have the proto at various contests and clubs over the next couple of months for you to try out :wink:

I’m really enjoying my sherpa that is currently set up responsive. My nine dragons is by far my most unique though. Really neat to pull it out when you’re having a bad day or just feel like doing something different.

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I agree on the nine dragons

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My glow HM, my KC Jewel jeweled No-Jive, and my Takeshi Frankenyo (HM shell with Duncan Avenger hub/bearing)

I don’t have any unique yoyos lol.

Every splash is unique like a fingerprint though :wink:


I like this one.IMG_20181012_075059

And these are really nice.



Is that a Fluchs with swapped halves for a single color??


You bet it is.


My Whimsy Pokerface.


Nostalgic unique…

This is an El-Mo

OG Freehand halves. Machined down to fit Henry glow Viper rims. And fit with glow center punched side caps. Halves cut for flowable silicone.

Steve Brown was throwing Freehands way back then and his nickname was ‘Elvis’.
My nickname is ‘Mo’.
… El-Mo

image image

…Here’ an old sort of unique yoyo. From 2002; The Bad Dawg.
Bionic Freehand halves. Machined for Delrin rings and polished Viper hubs.



I have some sealed Tazos Yo-Yos which I haven’t seen many of before.