What are some of your unique yo-yos?


Do you have any yo-yos that totally stand out from the majority of ones that you have thrown? What makes it unique? I bought a CLYW Cliff because I thought it had an interesting shape to it. I don’t have it yet so I can’t say that it has a different feel to it. The Hattori looks interesting as well 8).


As ubiquitous as it is, I think the OG Horizon stands out as unique.

In my Collection each OD I own stands out as unique. The Deep State, Parley, Kuntosh 5000qv, Downbeat, and Gauntlet are each pretty different from other yoyos I own. I imagine the Gauntlet is similar to some other wide organics, though, like maybe the Manatee?

The Fiancetto is another one that really stands out. I’d love to try a Daytona, to see if they are similar.

The Flea of course, is a unique experience. I think The Flea would be one of the very last yoyos I’d ever let go of.

Even though the Alley Cat is a similar shape and niche as the Deep State, it has very different play characteristics. I sold a Dif-e-yo Dazzy Fly a while back, because I didn’t appreciate that kind of play then. I wish I still had it now to compare.


Space lobster proto

Sorry for the shameless self plug :slight_smile:


^It certainly looks unique!


Missed my chance to throw a space lobster today… real life sucks sometimes :wink:

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>


Definitely the Yoyofficer Zealot.


SPYY Flying V and Duncan Mg both stand out to me as having unique play characteristics.


This - by far this.


I️ feel you man, real life can bite. I’ll have the proto at various contests and clubs over the next couple of months for you to try out :wink:


I’m really enjoying my sherpa that is currently set up responsive. My nine dragons is by far my most unique though. Really neat to pull it out when you’re having a bad day or just feel like doing something different.


I agree on the nine dragons


My glow HM, my KC Jewel jeweled No-Jive, and my Takeshi Frankenyo (HM shell with Duncan Avenger hub/bearing)


I don’t have any unique yoyos lol.


Every splash is unique like a fingerprint though :wink:


I like this one.

And these are really nice.


Is that a Fluchs with swapped halves for a single color??


You bet it is.