TSA go brrr

You ever been stopped before a flight because of a yoyo? TSA almost made me late because some idiot thought it was a weapon


You must’ve been going ham with some around the worlds or something. 5a and someone thought you were nun-chucking?


I was doing a Kwijibo! Not even a trick that screams danger


I get stopped for my measurement microphones all the time, but never my yoyos


Yes, twice.
First time is at Singapore Changi Airport in 2012 when TSA stop me for the same reason that they thought it was a weapon or something possibly cause harm to others, then they keep it until I arrive, luckily it was only 2 hour flight.
The other time is at JFK in 2016 that they question what is the metal thingy in my bag then I show them the yoyo and tricks, then they let me go.


Flew every 3 weeks for work for 15 years. Over 500,000 miles of butt time in a Airplane seat.

From 2009 to 2014 I always had yoyos in my carry on bag.

I was never stopped once for the yoyos. Apparently medical devices (Insulin Pump) are a bigger issue?

Have fun.


Yes regularly especially over seas


Not by the TSA but I did get stopped by security entering the US Mint a couple of years ago. They made me disassemble the yoyo (One Drop Yelets :cupid::heart_eyes::cupid:) and checked to make sure it wasn’t a weapon haha. The guy was cool and commented on how cool the guts looked. He said he never saw one taken apart like that and then let me in.


Not TSA, but Disneyland stopped me at security for having one once. Lady asked me what it was . When I told her it was a yo-yo she was like “yeah idk if you can bring that in.” Having already brought it in two days in a row I inquired as to what her reasoning was and she said “it could be considered a distraction.” A distraction. At Disneyland. Long story short, I got the head of the security gate to come over and approve my yo-yo for entrance.


I haven’t flown with any of them yet. But I do live in the DMV, so going through some sort of (often government) security for buildings and various facilities is super common.

But I am guessing it will probably be similar to how they’ve reacted when I’ve had harmonicas in my pockets or bag (amusement and/or confusion), but harmonicas DO look rather weird in scanners.


That’s hilarious because they used to sell yoyos there in the late 90s / early 2000s yoyo boom!


maybe they halt non-duncan yoyos :laughing:


I am fairly certain the reason is they are concerned that since it is so crowded that someone will get hit with a yo-yo and someone will find them liable for letting you bring it in.


I’ve been waiting for this to happen to me.:rofl:
I got stopped once because I had my disc golf (frisbee) bag. Apparently some of the sparkling discs have tiny metal flakes that show up different on X-ray and the guy had no idea what he was looking at until I showed him. He was still dumbfounded why I needed so many though.
I’m already sweating my trip to Nationals. I plan on packing quite a few yo-yos so I’m already expecting them to pick me out of line.


When I would travel w magic cards I would keep them in a clear ziplock bc tsa would always stop me bc the brick of cards looks like a bomb I guess hah


That’s what I thought but I specifically asked if they were worried I wouldn’t have control over the yo-yo and even offered to show them some tricks. They were like nah and reiterated that they just were concerned it’d be a distraction from things like the parades and rides. Wish I was good enough to draw attention away from anything at disneyland lol. And after seeing all the light up plastic swords and led bubble blowing machines I certainly question the logic of whatever protocol they were trying to uphold.


Man, I don’t envy you. I used to have to fly every quarter for work and I absolutely hated it.

I’ve never been someone who likes traveling, or even really seeing new things, I’m happy to just be here at home so I’m sure that’s part of it.

But man I’m glad I don’t do that anymore lol


I’ve found yoyo in a bag is much less suspicious vs yoyo in pocket. no idea why cause its not a problem either way.

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21 Days on in Northern Alaska. 21 Days home in SoCal. 15 Years of that schedule. I dont miss it. Missed so much of the kids early life.

Tip: In pockets are not a issue. Just make sure to place loosely in the bin.

If in a case, place case separately on the belt.

If in a case in a bag. Remove from bag and scan separately.

The biggest frustration for TSA is when they have to “Look” for something. So help them out.

Also shows you are not “Hiding” anything.

Placing my yoyo case on the belt separately, I never had a issue.

Have fun.


I remember the first time I had to leave my daughter for a week or two. She was 6 or so months old and I remember just holding her tearing up because the thought of being away from her was too much.

I can’t imagine doing it as long as you did.

However- now their teenagers and their just really mean to me all the time, so a vacation alone might be ok now lol.