yoyo's on airplanes

hey guys!

im going on vacation soon and i don’t want to leave my yoyo’s. So im just wondering…can you take your whole yoyo case with everything in it on a airplane? i don’t want to leave it with my luggage cause that would be dangourous.


Yes, you can.

Wait… Are you like worried if you’re going to lose it? Well… if I were you I wouldn’t bring it. But it’s just me though. It really depends on you.

I am kinda worried because im going to be on vacation for 2 months and i don’t want to leave my yoyo’s but if i bring them with me, the people who check my luggage’s to make sure everything can go on the airplane might say that i can’t bring my yoyo’s

Nah… I think you can bring Yo-Yos…

If I remember correctly, DocRobot said he once brought 10 metal yoyos as carry ons and got through. So you should be fine. :wink:

Well, I don’t know if you could bring them on the plane because of metal detectors. But I don’t know.

Just make sure to remove pliers, knives, and other pointy/sharp things.

Airplane security is kind of a joke. I didn’t think twice about my yoyo case, there was a knife, pins, lighter fluid, paint thinner… “Walk right on through, sir”. Lol.
You’ll be fine.

I don’t want to take a chance so I put it inside the luggage not the carry on bag…
I think you’ll be fine…
If they think yoyo is a weapon, then the security is kinda… annoying…
I don’t think that’s possible though…

I’ve been through security many times with yo-yos. You’re fine. Just take them out of your pockets, and into the little bins, but make sure(if it is good) to not hit anything else.


I wouldn’t take all your yo-yos just in case something does happen. I’ve never had any problem taking yo-yos on airplanes. I just put them in carry-on.

I LOVE that commercial.

But anyways, just be careful because some airline security guys are jerks. Just make sure you have no real potential weapons (lighters, lighter fluid, knives, pliers, etc etc)

Also, I wouldn’t bring my whole yoyo collection, what if it gets stolen? lost? That would suck to loose all your yoyos dude. Just bring a couple that you really like and get to know them over the next two months.

Put your yoyo in one of those conveyor belt box thingies. Worked fine with me.

You’re way more likely to have checked luggage lost/stolen than have a problem taking yo-yos as a carry on.

I know guy’s that absolutely won’t put their yo’s in checked luggage. They only take them in their yoyo cases as carry on or in a backpack as carry on. The reason is exactly what Nathan stated.

We had this topic a while back actually.

I’ve taken all my yoyos, plus lube and pliers on the plane. They usually don’t care that much.

Although one time I got scissors on the plane going to Switzerland but I couldn’t get them on the ride back. Dumb Europeans. (That was just for Jonas :P)

what about yoyo lube do you think that will get past

Just to be on the safe side I would put that in a ziplock bag in my checked luggage if I were you.