Carrying YoYo overseas

I will be flying back home in a few weeks and I will be carrying my yoyos with me inside a case.

Do I have to take it out during the security check? Or will it make a beeping sound since it’s metal?

And is it okay to bring it on my carry-on luggage (the one that you bring on board the plane, not the one that’s placed in the cargo of the plane)?


I’ve flown from USA to Canada and multiple times within the USA with a couple of yoyos in my carryon bag (my briefcase actually) with absolutely no issue. The bags get X-Rayed, the security staff can see what the object looks like. You shouldn’t have issue.

Yayy! Thank you French! :slight_smile:

I carried 2 in a backpack on the plane no issue

Brought a whole case of like 60 metals on as my carry on and they didn’t bat an eye.
Wasn’t going over seas but I’ve flown a dozen times with lots of yoyos and never had a problem.

I flew from Alabama to LA last year for Nats and had my yoyos in a carry-on bag and I got through fine. It did help that the security guard was into them as well.

Great to hear guys! Thank you!!

Keep em in your case…they don’t like it when you have them in your socks

I frankly don’t understand why this question continually comes up. There is nothing inherently dangerous in a yoyo - carry on. Carrying lube - it comes in a small container within the liquid size limits. Tools, leave any cutting tool in your checked bags. Any doubts on an item - checked baggage.