(Khent G) #1

Please let me know what you do if you want to bring metal yoyos at the airport or what security does! Thanks!


I just flew cross country. No issues brought my yoyo bag with 8 throw and had one on me they went through the scanner and nobody said anything. I did entertain a bunch of people while we waited for out flight too so have fun!!

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Security should have no issue with it.

I have gone through many times without any problems. Just keep them in their case and put it through.

They may ask what they are and open it up to check, but they will not confiscate them as they are not considered a weapon.

Sometimes they even ask for you to show them a trick out of line, which is always fun to see the reactions.

Either way, if you really want to be safe, put your yoyos in your suitcase for check-in and bring just one throw on you so it doesnt look suspicious of some sort.

You’re good to fly.



It is MUCH MUCH MUCH less safe to put your yo-yos in your checked luggage. Checked luggage has a much higher probability of getting lost or stolen.

Just put them through the x-ray machine. You won’t have any issues.



Op, you’re fine, they have no issues.

(SR) #6

I can’t tell you how many times this question has been asked lol… but yes, I have done it, and you’re fine, no worries.

(Jei Cheetah) #7

I had called the airport I was flying from and it was they recommended. Of course the official told me that it should be totally fine in carry-on but for extra security, I should put them in the check in baggage. An airline can pay for loss, but once something is taken at security, you can’t take it back.



Nothing, and nothing, in that order.
it’s a non-issue.

(Khent G) #9

Ok! Thanks guys!

(Ken) #11

put it on your check in bag if you don’t wanna have complications but usually they won’t interfere with your yoyos.