Yoyos on airplanes

So I’m heading out of New Hampshire tomorrow morning. I was wondering if it is safe (especially with the TSA) to bring yoyos on your carry on. This includes both metal and plastic yoyos.


I was wondering this too for when I go to worlds. I’m bringing mine in a metal case, and I’m not sure how LAX will be about it.

I’ve read some on what’s allowed with carry-ons, and I think it’s fine to bring on, they just have to x ray it.

I don’t see it being too much of a problem. I’m sure they’ve seen this sort of thing before once or twice. Worse case scenario is you might have to take them all apart, especially the metal ones. The plastics, there’s not enough there to usually cause concern. But since you’re taking them in a metal case, you’re going to definitely have to have that inspected so arrive extra early. If can lock, make sure it’s unlocked. Unless your case is so massive it can’t fit in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you, you’re really got nothing to worry about.

Now, as far as yoyo’ing in the airplane: unless you’ve got a Mighty Flea and a first class sear, you might want to wait until you’re back on the ground before you throw again.

Chances are slim that I’ll get onto an airplane before I take the family to Walt Disney World Resort in 4 years. There’s the odd change I might be going to Vietnam for a few weeks next year or the year after. You can bet I’m bringing a few yoyos when I go. Chances are I’ll be able to buy some new in the box good ones stateside and make some decent bank reselling them over there.

Everyone I know takes them on their carry on. They never have a problem. So I can say happy traveling!

Yeah, I took my 54 on an airplane. Brass spikez :smiley: no prob at all

Twice in the last year. No problem having them in my carry-on.

Went out out of country from USA to Europe a couple months ago. easy as cake, hahah the attendants were amazed as to how they were metal and how they’ve changed
over the years.

I have to agree with the part regarding how much they’ve changed. Metal(s), plastics, plastic/metal, sizes, shapes, weights, ball bearings. Amazing amount of technology in those items!

I would also imagine that people traveling for contests are not about to trust their yoyos to being placed under the plane.

When I am doing fly dates, I carry the mics I can’t live without in a plastic hard case that goes with me. Never had any problems, but got some comments like “Wow, that sure looks cool” on some models, and a few got the “Is that really a microphone?” on some others.

I wonder which yoyos I’ll have and want to take with me the next time(s) I fly.

Ive never had a problem

I flew from Perth to Sydney in Australia, late last year.

I had to de-string them (and they would chuck the strings) or put the bag in cargo.

I couldn’t loose my Fantastic Canadian G-Strings, so I sent the whole lot to cargo.

Apparently they thought it was a strangulation Hazard.

On the way back I just packed them.
I dig get randomly checked for explosives residue on the way back.