Can you bring a yoyo on a airplane?

Ok so im going to D.C. to attend a NSLC conference on engineering and my question is. Can i bring a DM2 on an airplane? or do i have to put it in my bag cuz i really rather have it with me.

I’ve been on numerous trips and from my experience, it’s safe to say you can. Just make sure you take it out of your pocket when going through the metal detector xD

Wow, very intresting question, never thought about tjis but im going on aflight to california this summer and this would be good info to know ahead of time

Been on quite a few airplanes with my whole case of yoyos and never ever had any problems. You’ll be fine. I recommend keeping it in your bag through security though.

I’ve taken yoyos on a couple of short domestic flights around Australia. As long as you put it on the tray before passing thorough the metal detector like YoyoJordan said, you should be peachy.


Yes. I brought a 12 yoyo case full of metals to worlds a few years back.

Ok sweet cuz i cant live without my yoyo for a week an a half and i need to get on that plane to earn some early college credit in engineering. (only a sophomore in high school) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wondering this for a while, so this clears everything up. I assumed it would be fine, considering TONS of people fly to worlds and Nats and other contests, and it’s not like they’re NOT bringing yoyos to Yoyo contests lol.

That’s actually a very good point.


I brought 4 yoyos in a carry-on plus one in a holster. Didn’t even get asked any questions about them. Not to say everyone will have my experience (you might get asked questions) but I don’t think they’re on the restricted items list. :wink:

You should absolutely no problem.

I traveled internationally recently with a DM2 and a bunch of other plastic, wood and metal yoyos and had no issues. I had a YYE 5-pocket bag and the YYE 8-space competition bag, and those were full, and I had 2 off-strings hanging off each one, each on a different kind of holder. I had a 100-count of Type X string, and a package of Slick 6 for my loopersI also had thick and thin lube(for my loopers), bearings, YYF multi-tool, Rhino tool, bearing puller, YYF Loop 900/1080 adjustment tool and had no issues. I even had spare bearings.

What i would suggest for making security easier, put the yoyo in your carry-on(in my case it was in my laptop bag on a holster). Fewer loose items means less chance of it getting lost.

Worse case is security will want to take a closer look and ask a few questions. Trust me, they aren’t there to be jerks. If the item should be let through, they will let it through. They’ll be nice about it.

don’t bring yoyo lube on the plane or play on the plane with the yoyo :slight_smile:

I had no issue with the lube. I left the tubes in those little round holes in the YYE 8 space competition case and TSA didn’t even raise an eyebrow. If you’re concerned:

Put your lube in a 1-quart zip-top type bag and send it through separate.

Just make sure to fill the cups with gasoline and keep a lighter nearby if you really want your tricks to blow up!

But seriously, its a toy, youre fine

Yes you can, unless you have green hair and face paint.

Yes, you can.

However, I have had issues with yoyos at Disneyland. Every time it’s been fine, but just the last time, they had to call the security manager or whatever, then she said that they won’t take it away, but I can’t use it or they’ll freak out. I probably could have used it there but I didn’t want to risk it, because it was a school trip, with friends.

Just go into the Magic Shop on the right side of Main Street USA heading towards Cinderalla’s Castle. You can buy an over-priced Duncan Butterfly in there and get your fixes axle action on!

I carried my Speeder 2 with me on the last trip. No issues! Their concern is you’ll hurt someone and since security let it in, that makes the park liable. As many people know, theme park and amusement park crowds can get, well, crowded.

I brought my Avalanche with me to Disneyland during spring break. I threw it around the entire time while waiting for rides and such. People didn’t seem to mind at all.

You can bring your yoyo on a plane.
Just don’t bring any snakes. Some people hate snakes on a plane.

I walked right past security with a werrd naifu. (the double sided string cutter w/ razor blades)
And when I went to worlds, had no problem bringing my full metal case on as a carry on. Also had a pacquiao on my werrd whatchamacallit. So yeah, as everyone’s said, there’s no problem bringing yoyos on a plane.