Can you bring yoyos on an airplane?

just wondering if anyone has done this because you cant even bring nail clippers or even shampoo on a plane these days and im going to be going on a plane tomorrow. please only answer if you have actually tried bringing one on a plane

I just did last week. Went through security with a dv888 and a gnarwhal in my carry-on bag. No problems either way, San Jose to Hawaii and back. Enjoy your trip!

I bring yoyos with me all of the time through security. It’s fine.

Yes I have, along with my nail clippers. No problems with either one.

It’s fine. I’ve done it a lot of times, I took yoyos on a flight today going to PNWR.

I’m sure you can bring yoyos on an airplane, but you’ll risk getting the yoyo knocked off the plane and lose it. I advise you not to put your yoyos on an airplane as if you’re putting it on your desk.

Exactly. Bring the yoyos IN the airplane.

Yes you can… but dont be worried about making it through security, Flaunt your skills to the crowds, give them a show!

I’ve brought my yoyo backpack case with me on as a carry on. All 15 at that time. There was no problems with them. There was a problem with the fushigi I had in the back though haha. They didn’t know what it was, but it got through ok. I wouldn’t worry about it. In fact, thanks to my DNA, I joined the yoyoing mile high club :wink:

Yes I also carry my backpack case as a carry on. Took 15 to worlds and 19 back from worlds without any problem.

I got my northstar onto an airplane last month

Out of every yoyo in the world, this is the perfect time to bust out your Noctu 2010 and swing it around in front of a TSA agent.

I’ve done it a number of times, but it always makes me a little nervous.

No issues. I’ve brought upwards of 100 before and had no problems.