Yoyos on a airplane?

Sorry if this is not in the right section. I do not know where else to put this.

Later this month, I will be on vacation in Hawaii. I will be flying from Fresno, Ca, to Hawaii. Is there anything i should know how about taking one on a plane? Would it be okay to carry one in my pocket?
Thank you in advance!

The TSA says…

This is highly frowned upon by the safety commission. Just kidding. It is perfectly fine to travel with a yoyo on a plane.

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What happens if you bring a CODE 2 with spikes? The SE’s could easily be used as a weapon.

I don’t really think it’ll be a problem, just don’t put the SE’s in your carry on, and I think it’ll be alright.

Could i carry it along with me in my pocket. Sorry if that was already included in the pics, my ipod has an issue showing them.

i took my kendama to DC…

I carried on three in a case and a hip holster with a fourth every time I have flown.

I brought a hard metal case filled with around 20 throws, as well as one yoyo in my pocket, as carry ons. You’ll be fine. I even accidentally left a werrd string cutter (which has 2 razor blades) in a carry on bag, and it passed without a second look.

when I went on a plane the guy just made me take a few of them apart…

Just came back from England with my Code 2 with spike SEs, and no problem.

Leave the yoyos at home, you don’t want to slow down security and spend any more time than absolutely necessary in Fresno.

You only slow security if its in your pockets

…I was just making fun of Fresno. It’s a joke.

I live in Clovis, but I spend plenty of time in Fresno(the summer program I volunteer at is at Fresno State University,and the majority of my mom’s family lives there)
Though, my parents both work in Fresno, and trust me, I wouldn’t want to spend too much time in certain parts of it. They have seen things.

Lube is fine. Just put it in your liquids bag.

Really? They made me throw mine away…

You’re good. Done it probably 4 or 5 times in the last few years.

I’ve gone from lax to london with lube, summit, dm2, 2 loop1080s, rhino multi tool, extra bearings. spin tops, kendamas, dry lube and counterweights with out even having to take out anything or have my bag searched.

Yeah, i’ve gone with my whole case full of stuff and no problems. It’s possible that it varies depending on the judgement of whoever actually is looking at the X-ray machine.