Airplane Policies

Hey guys, does any one know if yoyos can go in your carry on bag on a plane. I am goin on a quick trip and I kinda want it on the plane with me, just cause.

Thanks guys


I think it’s fine.
Last time i’m on an airplane, i bring 3 metal yoyo and 2 plastic, a tube of silicone, and some other stuff.
But i won’t take a risk bringing a can of lighter fluid.

Don’t bring silicone, if you’re going on a quick trip, you don’t need it. Metal is fine, but avoid a SPYY or something with really obvious spikes. The airplane people might think them more dangerous if you have them. Take a yoyo that looks like… a toy :slight_smile:

Never bring lighter fluid, its illegal to bring flamable substances. Or you´ll be called to come into a dark room and some very mean agents will ask you if your trying to blow up the plane(joke).

I think the spikes dont matter, the spikes of a yoyo dont stick out so a yoyo with spikes is just as dangerous as a yoyo without them.

Also you can bring lube. At least I could. Maybe not though…

they might not let you bring them if you have them in a big silver shiny carrying case, well actually they would, but they’d stop you, open it, tear up the foam, and then give it back. It’s possible this won’t happen, but if you can help it, i wouldn’t bring a metal carrying case.

i put like 3 in my carry on bag, including a G5 with a counterweight and they didnt care, so i yoyo’ed at the airport for awhile

thats not a joke… they really do that

i bring metal yoyos all the time security doesn’t care

Yeah, yoyos should be fine. I haven’t taken any on an airplane, so I don’t personally know. Unless security finds some way that a yoyo can be dangerous then you should be okay. :slight_smile: But, just don’t bring lighter fluid. I don’t think you should bring any lube either.

haha i had the best moment last time i was on an airplane. so i went through the metal detector and of course my hatrick was found. so i handed it to the guy saying it was a yoyo, an he was like, “kid, this is no yoyo, this is way to nice to be a yoyo.” and i was like yes it is.

when i cam through, i saw the guy trying to play with it, and he handed it to me saying “kid, it is broken anyways.” i put it on my finger, did some tricks, and said “works fine. by the way, ask first if you want to use it.”

i just asked my mom who even works for an airline and she say metal yoyos would be fine so dont worry


Don’t worry bout it. My mom brought my Grey Fox here from China and the airport didn’t ring her up.

i took some in my carry on when i went to greece! they asked if they could look in my bag after they went through the xray scanner! so i showed them and busted a move or 2! they loved me! lol

No issues on yo-yos/cases themselves. There’s a chance the screener will take a closer look at them but that’s no big deal. Pliers, scissors, other tools like that I’d put in a checked bag. Lube follows the same rules as any other liquids (put it in the Kippie bag). Lighter fluid is a no-no at all on a plane.

Never had a Problem, Yo-Yo on belt goes with keys and Wallet, Case goes through, most of the time they want to see tricks if it is not busy.

I just throw a couple in my carry on bag or the bag I keep under my seat, and I’ve never gotten checked for them or anything.