Yoyos on planes 2023

its gonna be my first flight when im gonna take the yoyos and equipment with me but im worried about some stuff
would appreciate if someone can help me with this :slightly_smiling_face:

will I be Able to bring my yoyos and accessories on the plane?

am I going to have to bring the equipment with me on the plane or I have to send it with the luggage? will I have to pay separate money to let my yoyos go through?

if somehow they ask me about this and don’t let me take this what should i do?

do different countries have different rules about this?

what im gonna be bringing to my trip:

a bimetal and a plastic throw



response pads



side note: i know there have been some threads about this but I was wondering for as of 2023 because the threads are 2-3 years old


I travel with yoyos and accessories in my carryon ALL the time. They dont care, bring them with =].

Currently traveling internationally and brought a bunch of heat.


Only item is the lube it just needs to be under 3 oz otherwise all good. I brought a dozen yo-yos in my carry on last work trip flying JetBlue and yo-yoed in the terminal while waiting.


I brought a few throws on a trip I took recently. No issues - I have heard that some people get stopped and ask questions on them. But you should be ok!!!

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I normally bring 1 yoyo on each flight I go on, I’ve never been asked about them but I figure better than bringing something I would be upset to have confiscated

recommend you bring something like a shutter, if you lose it its easily replaced


Never had issues.

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Just dont bring anything you use to clean bearings like lighter fluid, acetone, jars that held those things etc and you should be good to go.


This is a really good point. Just in case something happens you don’t wanna bring your TP mustang Grade 5

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Mine is allowed on our local airport, I have a small 10ml tamiya jar that is sealed and secured and put it on the small resealable ziplock pouch its all good. As long as you don’t put more than 10ml of lighter fluid inside the jar.

(disclaimer: this is all depends on your airport unless you are requested to dispose the lighter fluid onto the airport bin for liquids)

For reference you can see shu doing the same in 1:35 mins

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I have brought all of those through security exept for the lube, they do not allow liquids through security over a certain limit. I do not know the limit so I would recomend putting it in you suitecase if you have one. I have brouten yo-yo’s on many planes so I wouldn’t worry about anything else.

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If you find a local RC or tamiya 4wd hobby shop chances are you may find these available for cheap

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I’ve brought entire cases of yoyos with me on a flight and they just do not care lol.


Now bring a cpap machine a networking switch and some fiber optic cables and they pull you aside for a search. Or is that just me…


In the US no flammable liquid isnt allowed at any level so yeah make sure you check.


Metal puzzles in carry on baggage freaks TSA out ( like the revo maze). Bought on for my father in law ( a 9 hour puzzle fir long flights). I was stopped at each security check point and gas to open the unopened box. Good thing I did not wrap it that year. I thought it was going to be a problem so I did not. Yo-yo go threw no issue. Safe travels


Have traveled with mine multiple times. Haven’t had any issues. As others said, just make sure your lube is TSA compliant.

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normal yyf lube is usualy TSA compliant coming in at around 0.3 oz


you can usually find some at a nearby hardware store


Yall are funny lol i bring like 50 yoyos plus all my accessories and rarely ever even get asked about them lol as for the lube as long as it’s 3.4oz and under you’re fine and they won’t even look at it. (In usa but have flown around the world and same thing, no issues)

I just flew on Monday and brought all my favorites including all my expensive stuff and again it was zero issue. They cared more about all the metal in my body from my accident which kept setting off the detectors but that’s about it. Yoyos and accessories are 100% fine i assure you, ive been to most airports in this country and never ever had an issue. ( i fly 2-3 times a month for reference😇)


Thanks everyone! :blush: