Lube on Airplane?

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but I need your help. I’m leaving for Singapore today, and was wondering if the airport security would allow me to bring a bottle of One Drop V4M lube. (Sorry if this is the wrong section mods!). I guess if I can’t bring it I’ll have to make a trip to one of the yoyo supply shops that I’m not sure I can mention here. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know, but it’s not even an ounce, so it should be fine. However, their containers are not clear, so that might be the issue. If you could have asked about this, I could have mailed you a dropper bottle that’s clear, or at least clear enough to meet their standards and you could transfer the lube to it.

It’s highly flammable. I wouldn’t. You should be able to lube your bearings and bring those

Thanks guys! I don’t think I’m going to risk my precious lube, and like BigOregon said, it is quite flammable, so I’ll just buy some when I get there. You guys rock! :slight_smile:

But I pose another question… Should I risk bringing my custom MiniStar, my prized possession (Carry on of course)? I should have bought a seat for it…

I would bring it. Yoyoing on long plane rides is so much fun. Plus since the ministar is so small you could slip it in your pocket and take it everywhere.

Thanks for the input guys, I’m about to leave!

ive flown thousands of times with lube in my bag. never had a problem. nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Wow. I was about to make thread today asking if anyone has flown with their yoyos lately. Guess this thread answers that. Ive got a 12 hour flight on Tuesday so I was wondering if my yoyo bag was going to be allowed to go. Im sure I will have to take the picks out but what about bearings , spacers, tweezers, lube, axles, oh and string. There is no yoyo store for me to go to so I was wondering what could be taken besides yoyos. for crying out loud I got in trouble one time for paperclip at bwi airport in Maryland. Some consider yoyos to be a weapon if not the string is a strangling device. Any first hand knowledge?

I take atleast 3 throws when I travel 2+ in my carry on with string and extra bearings and the other on my hip.

Taking yoyos on an airplane is not a problem. The only thing to watch for is if you have a string cutter. They may frown on that.

I finally arrived in Singapore this morning with all my yoyo stuff except lube, but I’m going to go to the shop to pick some up. I heard the shop in question has a bunch of hard to find stuff (hard to find new; I know that some of these are easy to find on the BST), like Positrons, some yoyorecreations, and even some old Crucial Delrins! I brought along my YYF multitool, and the string cutter didn’t raise any red flags. Traveling with yoyos is fine. :slight_smile:

Yeah, my Micro Mo served as a great source of entertainment in the arrival hall when my flight was delayed for 4 hours lol. Welcome to Singapore. :slight_smile: