Airport security?

Anybody ever have a problem with yoyo’s and airport security?

Anyone try to fly with a full size metal throw in pocket or back pack?

Thank you for your answers and stories. I’m sure they will help since I am flying to Jamaica on Saturday!!!

They’re cool with yoyos. But lube on the other hand…

Just traveled by air. Trying to bring lube in your luggage won’t work. You should be allowed to bring it in your suitcase.

Yeah, I’ve flown a lot with yoyos in my pocket and in my carry on. So far I’ve had no problem. But I havent brought any lube with me…

It’s only 15ml. I thought their clear fluid limit was 4oz?

Are there other restrictions?

If lube is that critical, lube before you fly and put the tube into a small zip-type bag(maybe 2) and then put it in your checked baggage.

Seems the TSA is just allowed to run out of control. It’s just a matter of time before we’re all run naked like cattle through the metal detectors and there will be an excessive amount of rubber glove snapping, coughing and further violations just to fry soon enough.

“You gonna at least buy me lunch first?”

^^^^^^ LOL! ;D

It is perfectly fine. I brought my whole yoyo case on an airplane as carry on before

I would suggest putting any string cutting tool that you may have in the suitcase too. They will look for any reason to hold an item on you, or even delay you to the point of missing your flight. I would just play it safe w/ things like that.

What do you think of the new YoYoFactory yoyo multi-tool? I just got that in my big order.

Mine’s still wrapped up, don’t need to crack it open yet. Has a bearing puller, hex tool and a well burried string cutter. Fortunately for me, strings work fine as is.

I’ve flown with an entire case of yoyos in my backpack. There’s no problem with those at all. I was asked to do a few tricks once though. Made their day.

Oh, and never take a fushigi though. It drives their machines crazy. They thought I had some sort of new weapon at first. Only once I showed them did they understand what it was.

I’ve hear some negative stuff about the Fushigi ball. What is that? A polycarbonate ball enclosing a metal sphere and isn’t that ball inside weighted by the thickness of the metal sphere?

I don’t have total faith in the TSA. Sorry. They don’t see “up there” on the intelligence scale.

Fortunately, most of what I do is ground travel. But it’s due to how I work.

Hey Studio! I have got myself a Yoyofactory multi tool and here is my mini review:

Its’ body is made of a cheap feeling plastic with the YYF logo molded into it. It has a nifty little chain built in so you can hang it on key rings, belt loops, anything. I think this is a very useful feature.
The Bearing Removal Tool is a bit less than half an inch and gets the job done. It takes some practice to be able to get the bearing out though. There is a certain wiggling motion that takes a couple minutes to get used to. If you have some YYF yoyos, the Bearing Removal Tool is REALLY helpful, because YYF bearing seats are really tight.
The Hex key can be used to remove SOME YYF brand axles (the ones with the hex key slot) and adjust the LOOP 900 response. If you have a YYF with a short axle, this key is especially useful.
The string cutter is good, while mine came a bit dull, but still gets the job done. I imagine after awhile it gets too dull and you have to replace the blade or the whole tool.
Overall, I’d say this is a very useful tool, and while it may seem flimsy, it can take a bit of a beating. It’s a great item for yoyoers on the go and I always find myself needing mine.
Hope I helped! :slight_smile:

I’ve got mine in front of me, I’m just too lazy to take stuff out of the packaging until needed. HOWEVER, that’s in contrast to the yoyos I ordered. They’ve all been taken out and tried.

I was wondering, specifically, since there is a blade-like object in the multi-tool, if the TSA folks would have a fit over it. I got put in the “booth” when I was coming home from Walt Disney World because I still had a quarter in my pocket that I wasn’t aware of. We’re talking about a coin! I’m hoping the metal in the cutter in the multi-tool is small enough to be considered not something to be concerned with.

I don’t fly too much. When and if I do, whatever I can fit into the larger YYE bag will most likely be more than sufficient to keep me entertained.

I won’t argue the tool being useful, otherwise there’d be no need to buy it. I’m also tempted to make all the high points of the face of the tool white or silver…

I’d say the YYF multi tool would be ok since the blade is totally enclosed, but who know what evil lurks in the mind of the TSA.

The sound of rubber gloves…

Hey, he might hijack the plane with papercuts!

Just saying in terms of the multitool, I walked right past security with a werrd naifu. (the double sided string cutter)
And when I went to worlds, had no problem bringing my full metal case on as a carry on. Also had a pacquiao on my werrd whatchamacallit.

I’ve cleared security with the YYF tool in my bag before but it’s the TSA so YMMV.

In terms of general yo-yos through airport security I’ve had no troubles anywhere in the world with any number of yo-yos.

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