Yoyos and the TSA ...

I’m having to fly at the end if the month and am looking to take a could of inexpensive yoyos with me and was wondering if these are banned items in carry on or if anyone flyig lately has had an issues from TSA concerning yoyos?

People don’t seem to have much TSA trouble with yo-yos. Usually its like “Oh yo-yos? I thought that was what they were.” But I did just get pulled aside for secondary screening because of a bag full of yo-yos a couple of days ago. Once it was clear that they were only yo-yos I was free to go.

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I’ve flown with a yoyo in my carryon before and never had an issue. I’m fairly sure I’m permanently flagged by the TSA after an episode a couple years ago so they either search my checked bags (and find a way to break something or spray my shampoo or something all over every time) or pull me aside pretty frequently and my yoyo has yet to be deemed a threat to national security.

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Take them with you!

I took a little stash of yoyos with me to Vietnam. It included metal, metal/plastic, plastic and even wood, off-strings and Delrin(off-strings). No issues.

About the only suggestion I would make is no Kitty string cutter, bring a YYF Multi-Tool instead, and if you plan ahead, put your lube in a clear plastic bag in case they want to inspect it. I didn’t, I had no problem. I think they’ve probably seen enough that they know what it is just by looking.

I haven’t taken my 72-star “Case of Wonders” on a plane. I don’t fly that often and don’t have much cause to bring that many with me(at the moment).

Nope I just flew to Alabama with a full metal case of yoyos.

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Thanks I appreciate the info and I’m glad to hear that nothing major happened, I just know TSA loves a reason to delay and otherwise was with people so this is a great set of replies to hear that the yoyo isn’t one if those things that cause issues.







Maybe we can merge all these or something, since this question is a recurring one?

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I just flew internationally with a couple packed and 4 in carry-on, no problem.

Did get a rude awakening re: my swiss army knife. They were given the “ok” awhile back for flights, but unfortunately it seems, not for flights going from outside to inside the USA. Ouch. Bye-bye SAK!

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While I appreciate your efforts here, did you look at the dates in those threads? None are newer then 2012 and some as old as 09. TSA is always changing their regulations and ruling since I know that there are to a of people traveling now I’d get the most current info.

But any how had I bumped any of those threads I’d have gotten the “OMG you just went necro on us” so making a new thread got me issues and posting a current thread got me issues so I guess I’m daned it I do and daned it don’t.

Again thanks for the info and I’ll talk to a mod to see if we can get this added somewhere so it will be readily available and others can find it up to date and easy to find.

I’ve gone to worlds for the past two years. Theres been no problem with my 3 or so yoyo cases that I bring… The only time was when they pulled one out for about a minute then set it back on.

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Sorry to hear about your SAK small price to pay for keeping your yoyoes though!

They scrapped that plan shortly after oking them.

Victorinox makes a model called the “jetsetter” it has only scissors and a bottle opener, screwdriver that I brought to Worlds. I just put the bearing tool on the key chain and it hase become the BEST yoyo tool I have ever had… I use the scissors to cut string and the toothpic to pic out knots…

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On my to buy list!!! :slight_smile: thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Losing this SAK was particularly disappointing, as it had some special yellow glow-in-the-dark scales (handles). Ah, well… I can get more, and the trip to Ukraine was so good it didn’t bother me that much :slight_smile:

SAKs are kind of my other hobby. I used to have a big collection - some going back to the 1920s thru '40s.

Wasn’t aware of the Jetsetter - I’ll look into that!

Doh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh yea me too!!! I have a bunch on SAK as well!!! I prefer the aluminum scale versions myself!!! I have a good amount of them too!!

Why don’t we just make a “definitive” one, scrap the rest and then sticky it?

I recently flew (last week actually) with my entire case, and didn’t have a problem. The x-ray guy gave it an odd look, but didn’t mind.

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Just went through security with a contest bag and no problems. Never had any problems in the past, so I was expecting is to go real smooth like.

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