Yoyos and the TSA ...

Well, before I went on the trip I cleaned my bearing with mineral spirits. I guess it got on my case, because they stopped me swiped my fingers. Scared me half to death, but I got through safely with my yoyos!


Not cocerning yoyos but in general I HATE the TSA!! They hire people on power trips w criminal records that steal stuff & stick their hands down your pants, literally.

Turns out for a job where they search & grope people all day they DONT DO BACKGROUND CHECKS!! So people w sex offender statuses get hired & I cant understand it but they apply for the TSA so they can grope people legally.

I had a friend that had his entire just filled perscription get jacked by the TSA, he had to fill out a police report & they said he was missing over $1,500 worth, the street value. Ofc cops exaggerate but TSA is notorious for giving people unnecessary problems, but I always go for the patdown, eventhough its uncomfortable I film it so they dont do anything like put their hands down my pants, and the radiation from the ‘maked body scanners’ arent safe having been tested @ up to 1000 times the radiation level they originally said it was.

I have to ask did the the Rx and other missing stuff to in checked bag?

I also agree that there are always a few bad apples that ruin the bunch, but to say all are criminals is like saying yoyoers are all underaged punks and Juvenile delinquents. We all know that’s not a true story most of those people that work in the TSA are hard working Americans trying to put food on their tables and take care of their families.

We really should stray away from stereotyping it’s just bad form in general.

I’m sorry that your friend had issues and I hope it was resolved promptly.

Personally, I’ve never made it through the TSA without some kind of secondary screening. Pat-downs, finger-wipes, and the like (never ceases to freak out my parents LOL). You name it, I’ve been stopped for it. Prescription meds, having too big of a shampoo bottle, wearing knee braces (I really don’t know why i got stopped for that), and everything in between. But never for yoyos though, so I’d say they’re safe

I kept my metals in my luggage and my plastics in my carry on and i was fine when i went to az

They aren’t going to forbid people to bring yoyos on. Phones and tablets are just as dangerous.

Bomb brace.