Airport problems?

I was wondering if any of you good people on this here forum have had any problems with taking yoyos through airports, i.e. problems going through security checkpoints.



I recently have been traveling, and have had no problems with taking lube, string, string cutters, and yoyos. The search button is your best friend. I posted a similar thread a few weeks ago.

alright, thanks, and sorry

nope its fine. They dont even question it which is odd because you most likely have a bag with round metal things with what could be fuses coming out of them and small bottles of liquid…

so true

I wasn’t even questioned about them either. I agree it seems quite odd.

Nope, no problems in 4 airports.

no problem, even with string cutters. Which I found REALLY weird. I didn’t even think about it at the time, but I brought one back with me from worlds last year in a carry on. Considering it has two razor blades on it, I’m surprised I wasn’t stopped. haha

No problems internationally. So if youre going to Turkey, Paris or London you will certainly be okay.

I took a yoyo to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I am from the US and I went to a connecting flight in Japan. No issues with yoyos. Just make sure if you are holding on to them put them in the tray.