yoyo string on airplanes?

I’m going on a trip in a few days… i know you can bring yoyos with you but i have a TON of string in my bag… i was wondering should i bring it along or leave it home?

I can’t see why you can’t bring it. Worse case is they might use that chemical wand thing, see it’s pretty much nothing to worry about and then let you pass.

Take it. I went through airport security to california hassel free. I’m suprised they didnt have to check the bag with four round objects with string (or wires/fuses) attached to them. I also had a bag of string and they never said anything to me.

They allow shoelaces, don’t they? :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t be a problem. I travel often with one of my custom small cases that holds 8 throws, string and accessories. No one even bothers to look in the case. One of the guys running the x-ray was like “Are those yoyo’s?” I just nodded and walked to my gate.

Went on 4 flights yesterday and went through several check points. you could see the screen of my 7 compartment yye bag with 6 yoyos and parts and string. It was cool to see an xray of plastic vs. metal. Lol. No problems though. no one even asked me to open my bag to look at everything.

I took both of my cases that have 15 spaces for yoyos on a plane with no inconveniences what so ever, and most of them were full. Also took hundreds of string and lube and mineral spirits (spirits were in a travel see through bottle) and never did they look at me a second time to ask what something was. Have done this plenty of times. No worries.

I took a full bundle of 100 strings when I took a trip to Honduras. So I’m pretty sure you are fine.

They let me with 100 string

LoL sorry this topic made me chuckle. Ive flown with yoyos np

Never had a problem with security for yoyos or string. No questions asked, really.

As has been said, it’s no problem. Worst case scenario they run a chemical check, see it’s fine, and let you through.