TSA Regulations on yoyos?

Question, I’m about to take a trip to Singapore (and most likely visit Spinworkx) and I wanted to see if anyone knows if I can bring a yoyo as a carry-on? My flight has 2 transfers and each of them has a wait time of at least 2 hours so I was hoping to play it at those times. I know I can check in baggage and have the yoyo there, but I am talking about Carry-on only.

Yes you can have them as carry on. Thats how most people who go to Worlds take their yoyos. I recently flew to Mexico and back without a problem. Had 10 yoyos on me

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Thank you. I just wanted to make absolutely sure. I’d be angry if I went and had TSA confiscate my Nautilus.

The TSA people are a bit dumb, but not that dumb.
Yoyos are ok.

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Make sure to use a ILYY Noctu to scare the crap out of the super paranoid TSA agents >.<

Last time I was in NY I realized as I was walking through the gate at JFK that I had a markmont.next in my carry-on and a bundle of Gstrings with a metallic thread running through them. Thought it would at least get a second look if not a question of why I had a round metal thing with brass bolts on the sides and what appeared to be a fuse attached, and a bundle of spares, but went right through.

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Yay Singapore :D. Well, I’ve had yoyos in my carry on bag coming back and leaving Singapore without any hassles, don’t know about foreigners but I think it should be perfectly fine. Though I got a model screwdriver I used for my Speed Dial taken out haha, that was stupid on my part, just had to put it into check in.

Ok there is a joke I’m not getting. What is it about the Noctu that people are calling dangerous?

Sharp edges.


Well, at least I won’t have to worry about them providing me with a knife for food or shaving on international flights…

Seems I may be going to Saigon/Hi Chi Minh City and Hue in March of 2013. I’ll have to find a nice way to pay my stash of throws to take with me. I could live without some of my off-strings and plastics… but I at least need my Fiesta XX and Aquarius!