TSA go brrr

I got stopped for bringing a yoyo and kendama before at DL. They told me make sure I don’t play with it, next time leave it in my car or hotel. I told them that I literally just bought them in Downtown Disney. I was not about to walk a whole mile back to my room…


I have a question…

Your reply seems a little ‘unclear’?

You got stopped for ‘bringing’ a yo-yo and Kendama a before at DL.

They told you next time leave them in your car or hotel room.

You told them that you just ‘literally bought them at Downtown Disney’.

….A little clarity perhaps?

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Random question but which store did you get them from.

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It’s no longer there but in Downtown Disney near the Lego store there was a Duncan yoyo cart. It left around 2016…


So seems consensus is TSA won’t care if I bring yo-yos in my carry on. I imagine they will stop me for my cpap as has happened every time I fly but never brought my yo-yos on a plane.

Any horror stories for those that flew in and out for nats or worlds earlier this year?

TSA has taught me that they don’t care about yoyos both times I brought them through with my carryon.

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