yoyoing in airports.


This isnt a question about “if yoyos are allowed on planes”, ive been on a bunch of plane rides with yoyos. I was wondering if anyone has yoyo’d in an airport before. it’s a lot of fun. People usually give you a weird look and then smile and continue on. I had pilot walk up and say “the butterfly!” (i was using a cafe racer), and i just sorta nodded and smiled. He then said “my father bought me one of those when i was a little kid i had so much fun with it, that one looks all modernized though”. Its pretty cool, i like seeing people smile because of my hobby. What about you guys? any stories of airport yoyoing?


I was doing a school trip with a bunch of kids, and it was like, 4 in the morning in Denver.

Anyway, I was throwing around a chaser (which broke later on that trip), when a girl on my trip asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said “no, why?” Then she pointed at a group of kids our age and told me that they were “checking out my yoyoing.”

So yeah, it’s kinda easy to get lost in airports. Going through sercurity is a pain though, explaining what it is and all.


ive never had that problem going through security. Never once been questioned about it. kinda interesting i always expected i would


I haven’t been to an airport in 3 or more years. I just personally don’t care for flying. However, I’m being forced to take an unwanted vacation to Vietnam in March, so I’m pleased to know I can take my yoyos with me, or else there’s no way I’d go. I do wonder how my 72-holder case would go through the X-ray. I know it will fit. I mean, if they want to look inside, hey, pop the latches and have a good long look.

My only concern is that people can get packed in tight and crowds can come and go quickly. This isn’t so bad since 9/11 since it’s only “passengers past the screening checkpoint”. So, my concern is having enough space, which I’m sure I can find. I throw at my kid’s school, I threw at SacAnime, I’ve throw at other places. It’s fun for me, it can entertain kids and parents(even though I’m not very good), and unlike video games, there’s no batteries to wear out!

So, if YYE sees me buying like 500 strings sometime in February, they’ll know why.


I got stuck in a airport for 6 hours… Yoyoed a bit, some guy was juggling so I thought it was fine.


Every time I fly or pick up someone from the airport.


I yoyoed at the airport in Istanbul. It was pretty cool. Everyone knew i couldnt speak Turkish, but they just sat there and stared. If i looked at them, they dodged my eye contact.


I got trapped in an airport overnight. Missed a 5pm flight and couldn’t get another until 8am. Read a book and threw my SPYY addiction for 13 hours. I would say my it was a great use of my time.


When I traveled to Vietnam, there was a 3 day lay-over in the Philipines. No yoyo then, this was 2002. Why? Plane ran late(like 8 hours) so no way we could get the connecting flight that only ran 3 days a week. We got put up in a hotel.

On the way back, 10 hour lay-over in Philipines(same airport). Didn’t feel like busting out the Gameboy te whole time. Having a yoyo would have been cool.

Next time we go, the layover will be anywhere from 4-8 hours in Korea because of the airline my wife is going to book. Plenty of time to yoyo. But, when I get to Vietnam, after I get some sleep, I’m going to be hanging out with the local yoyo clubs in Saigon. Language barriers will suck as I don’t speed the language. Hopefully my boy(who throws, you’ve read about him), understands Vietnamese but doesn’t speak it. My wife will have to get him up to speed.