This is what the average person thinks of when they think of a "yoyo" 😂

(Evan Landreneau) #43

I hate it when somebody asks “can you walk the dog?!”. People just don’t understand what a yoyo can do.


Maybe you (and everyone but me) should always have a junker handy to do walk the dog for them before launching into a Triple Kamikazi Nuclear Firedeath Vanishing Shuriken Wound Bleedout.

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(Rock Shouse) #45

I agree that the Yoyo and the Yoyo community at large and Yoyo clubs and people that are involved in yoing need to speak-up! Explain…explain…explain!
Come-on everyone we need to change the Yoyo image out there…
Make it more main stream & break-down barriers that are placed in our/your way! We are all unique in our own way…we are not all geeks or dorks with a Yoyo stuck-up our asses! We are everyday people that are very interested and find yoyo’s pleasing to play & own! Period

(ClockMonsterLA) #46

I don’t believe that changing the general public’s view of yoyos will happen on a broad scale as a grassroots effort by the yoyo community. I feel it would have to become a pop culture phenomenon via Hollywood, or maybe through some wildly popular rap/pop artist who used yoyos in all their music videos or something. But even if that happened, I think it would just induce a brief rise in popularity, and then it would fade again, like it always does. A permanent, meaningful shift in the general view of the yoyo feels unlikely to me.


But I think that out of a temporary boom a lot of people will continue to ride the wave after the boom wanes. I definitely agree that we need a new Tommy Smothers yoyoing with a mass market huge audience. How many kids, besides the ones here, really ask Santa for a yoyo?


Ho many people actually went to tha page? Lol

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(Mk1 Yoyos) #49

Walk it on your arm instead:

You have to sort of “teach” people about modern tricks by showing them simpler ones, too. If you go too fast or have dense tricks they won’t understand what’s happening.


Use a Rubber shelled yoyo as a ‘walker’ A.k.a. the henrys Viper or another henrys yo-yo

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Naw man get a titanium and spark it, show them WALKING THE DOG THROUGH HOT FIYA :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Now you’re talking

(Evan Landreneau) #53

I wonder if some people pressed the link. lol

(Victorian YoYos) #54

That’s disgusting

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(Evan Landreneau) #55

What is? I was talking about the link.


I assume he is talking about walking the dog with titanium yoyos.

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(Evan Landreneau) #57

I don’t know what he means by “disgusting”

(Victorian YoYos) #58

That green yo-yo. I just cringe when that’s what people think of it :stuck_out_tongue: but I didn’t see any links so I wasn’t calling that disgusting.

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(Evan Landreneau) #59

Ooohhh that makes more sense

(Victorian YoYos) #60

Sorry for any misconception

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(Evan Landreneau) #61

Its okay!


I think that any niche hobby is misunderstood by the general public. It is going to take something major to break the stereotype of yoyoing being anything other than a child’s toy, and quite honestly people will probably still view it as such still. Take a look at model building for instance. Some of that stuff is detailed at craftsmanship levels, and can take hundreds of hours to complete, but people still see things like model airplanes, cars, gunpla, etc as kid’s hobbies. In some ways these hobbies kind of are, but hell, I still enjoy playing pokemon games and im in my 30s. Some things are just timeless and enjoyable for relaxation. I feel like even a childish hobby is better than drinking craft brews and consuming netflix on a daily basis. People will either understand or they wont. Who cares?