Dont You Hate "You Paid $60 for a yoyo"!

i hate when people who have no ideas about yoyos say that no matter how much they are. They are always like you could of bought something cool or y didnt you just buy one at the dollar store. Some people just dont get it. Dont you have when that happens

Yeah, I usually don’t like that either. Now I just boast about it cAuse they will say any yoyo is expensive over 20. If I have my boss and I say 80 andthey say that, I tell them it’s nothing compared to say the peak I have. I feel like that’s the best way for me to counteract.

People just say it’s a lot. I don’t really care. It’s cheaper than some other hobbies/activities.

(I think we’ve had a topic about this, but whatever.)


I would say something like;
“you pay 120 for that nike shock”
Or something like
“you pay 50+ just for a tune up”

Everyone would pay big bucks for they hobby.

Aks them if they play video games. if they say yes, ask them how much money they’ve blown on them…

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Whenever someone says that I just say something like “Yeah, and you payed 90 bucks for those pre-worn jeans. What’s your point?” That usually shuts people up pretty quick.

Or on the note of being cheaper then other hobbies, I spent over 2 grand on guns and equipment/range membership fees with in my first 6 months of taking up shooting… I’d say yoyoing is WAY cheaper then that.

Guitars are really expensive too.

But I think the main issue comes from the fact that most people think yoyos should be bought at the dollar store and don’t expect them to be precision instruments.

Ask them how much they’ve spent on deodorant in their life and tell them it’s been a big waste because it’s not working. :smiley:

ask them how much they payed for those uggs/jeans/shirts/video games(the list goes on and on and on. . . ., they grow out of them, but a yo-yo string always fits on my finger

everybody says they are better than me and they dont know what a trapeeze is!! there like that yoyo was $90 wow your just trying to show of thats what they say

normaly i say what about those stupid $100 shoes there just shoes and theres no shoe competion

everybody says the same thing about my boss when i bring it to school.whatever you do,if they are being a smart@$$ dont give the yoyo to them and tell them to try it.i did that to one kid and now my legacy is gone :’(.he moved away and never made up for it. :’(.the same thing happened to my power brain xp let this be a lesson to us all.i repeat,dont give the yoyo to them and tell them to try it.

I just turn and walk away. It’s not worth my time in arguing with them.

I’m the only one I know in my area with a yoyo and people constantly catch me on here looking at all the high end yoyos and ask “Wow, $40 for a frickin’ yoyo? What a waist of money.” Of coarse I always throw it right back at them with:

“Well a single video game costs $60 and can provide around 2 weeks of entertainment. This yoyo only cost $40 and can provide months if not years of entertainment. Man, math must really hurt your brain doesn’t it?”

I then say I also payed $60 for your…

I always make your mom jokes. Shuts them up.

Haha! :smiley: Very nice man. I will totally have to use this sometime. ;D

If someone tells you that, they’re not looking for a discussion about the price and value of commodity items, they’re just being a jerk. Whenever you get that comment, just be like “yeah, dude” and leave it at that.

Tell 'em to “buy one for $4 and prove it’s just as good…”, throw a trapeze and hold it for the duration of your conversation, “… and show me, you can do this with it.” If they take you up on your bet, they’ll get addicted to yo-yoing and you will have an apt pupil.

When I play with my Kickside, people say “You paid 15$ for a yoyo?”

them: “you paid $60 for that yoyo!?”
me: “yeah, such a deal, this one retails for $110”
them: “… :o”

bst’s are the best