Thought this would be intresting.

When people come up to you and talk about your skills, how often do you say the price and get met with the response “HOW MUCH!?! :o” or “It’s only a yoyo” ? Plus whats your response to that response. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha yeah I get that quite a bit.

I usually let them guess at the price a bit. I rarely say the price myself, I just give hints as to how much a Dark Magic costs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I say $1000, and when they go “Really?!”, I say “No, but its a lot more than you would pay for ;)”

I usually say,“Your making fun of me for spending $40 on a yo-yo, and yet you spent $200 on a plank of wood with wheels.” or, “And yet you spent $100 on a pair of shoes with a wheel in the heel that keeps tripping you every time you go down the stairs, and you call me a bad shopper.” I might try your method samad, it sound like fun to tell them they can’t afford the “wheel on a string” that they make fun of.

A usual conversation-

“Is that still spinning?”
“Why, yes it is.”
“How much did that thing cost?”
“65 bucks.”
“For a YO-YO?”
“Yes, for a yo-yo.”


RSWWUTM: (Random Stranger who walked up to me)
Wow, you’re pretty good at that.


Can you walk the dog?

Yes. Let me show you how I do it today. (From dryoyo) Arm Grind

Lol. I don’t have skills.

Yes they do ask if I walk the dog and I say not on tile.

Then I show them something like underwhip and boing-e-boing etc…

Then they say how much is it for a yoyo like that and then ask if they can try it. I say yes, they throw and can’t bind XD. They give up and say that yoyo sucks!!!


I love this answer. I’m gonna start using it. Samad, you rule.

I just tell people my yoyo is broken and it doesnt come back, works every time. Then they ask about price and I tell them “wellllllll, if you want to get technical, I say 50 but its worth like a gaggillian to me and if I told you the real price you would die, on the spot, by blowing up”

when ever someone asks me about the price of my yoyo, I say $70(dv888 hardcoat ed.) and they are like ’ you wasted that much money on a yoyo?!?’ then i just say that its like buying a $60 game or a $100-200 skateboard or whatever hobby they like.

My list of respones to “How much?!?” and it’s variations


“Aren’t I crazy?”

“Least I’m not spending hundreds on a hobby taken up by 80% of the teenage population”

“How much are your shoes?”

“Less than the insurance for your skateboard injuries.”

“On a “broken” yo-yo too.”

“It’s a “weaponized” yo-yo”

i tell weird lies like “yeah it’s made from Jesus himself” or something like that or i boing e’s or some stuff like that and they just shut up

Some people actually came up to me and guessed how much my Dark Magic was worth. They came above the actualy value.

Also, going ast other hobbies is just weird. A friend of mine just got a macbook pro and he pointed out that a macbook pro is worht about 20 yoyos.

When they ask me, I’m just like…if I told you, you would make fun of me. And keep doing that for a really long time, so they kinda start to think it’s like a bajillion dollars, and then I tell them the price, and they are not impressed. Works like a charm. 8)

When i told my friend in school yesterday, he ask me what i do with my time. I told him “I either yoyo or…” thats as far as i got then he just stared blankly at me. Then i decided to have a little fun, i told him i was amazing, and ranked number 4 in the nation. He didnt believe me, then (i dont know if this is just me) i pulled out my DV888 and showed him a gyro flop, revolutions, monorail, kwijibo, and matix. Ill never forget the look on his face, but then my fun was interupted by a teacher, he gave me a lunch detention, oh well, it was worth it ;D

On another occasion i was showing off my yoyo after school, while i was waiting for my parents to pick me up. Then some random student came up to me, and started saying how cool it was, and he would not stop hanging around me. Then as if from a gift from heaven, my mom arived and i got in and was glad it was all over. The next day i met the kid again, he kept following me like a wolf on its prey. So now i try to aviod him as much as i can.

That last part was a bit off topic, but still fine I think.

I actually utterly amazed this one girl today in Robotics with a thumb start to bind. She was beyond astounded lol. ;D

Lol reminds me of when I do free-gens.

I usually say that I’d rather spend money on a yoyo than on a video game. A yoyo can impress people and I get to meet all sorts of new friends at contests and such. Everyone plays video games.

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I guess I’m the boring one here but here’s the conversation.

random: Hey how much is that thing?
Myk: This one is fairly cheap at only 45 dollars.
random: Oh that’s consider cheap?
Myk: Yeah, some are priced around the 100 dollar area.
random: Wow.

I come from a place where spending money is fairly common. Specially random crap. This is actually one of the more cheaper hobbies of mine, so I’m fairly happy I found it. I have 3 cheaper hobbies of the top of my head. Rubik’s cubes (solving of course), pen spinning (very cheap), and juggling (I only use tennis balls atm). Also have more expensive hobbies, no need to go into those.