Thought this would be intresting.

OMG I get that all the time but mines a little different.

most of my friends are grown-ups whose hood ornaments and foyer decorations cost more than any of my yo-yo’s. they just think it’s quirky and cool.

random guy… your pretty good with that ““thing””"


random guy…Why is it spinning to so long?

me… has a bearing in it

random guy… could you do all that with a regular yoyo?

me… this is a regular yoyo

random guy… i remember playing with whats that company called? those old wooden ones. doing walk the dog and rock the baby.

me…duncan. Yes thats what i started on.

random guy… can i try it?

me… sure but if you break it you have to replace it.

random guy… How much is it.

me… 200 bucks

random guy(all wided eyed)… for a yoyo!!!

me… yup

random guy … holy crap! Your nuts!

me… still want to try?

random guy… i dunno, is it really that much??

me… yup. the yoyo is 129 (888 o9) ///ceramic kk 30/// 15 bucks shipping and handling /// convert all that to canadian.

random guy… your insane, for that price it better do the dishes and **** my ***** (<<sensored)

me… you dont get out much… do ya?

randm guy… laffs

me … here ill let ya try it on the grass

random guy… YOu sure?

me… ya it not gonna break, don’t worry

random guy… looks at it for a while then throws a surprisingly decent sleeper. watches it spin for about 10 seconds. Then starts to tug. then tug harder. then franticly tugging. the yoyo stops.

me… trying not to laff. pretty smooth huh?

random guy… it won’t come up (as he is trying to wind it up). It wont wind up either.

me… ya its because of the bearing.

random guy… This yoyo sucks. You could of had your dishes done instead of wasting your money on it

me… lol. Watching ppl like you play with it is more than enuff amusment. its paid for it self many times over already.


Yeah I had that same conversation the other day with this one girl. Then I showed her how I wind it up (Thumb start to bind) and just flipped because it was so cool. :smiley: