This is what the average person thinks of when they think of a "yoyo" 😂

(ChrisFrancz) #63

When adults yoyo, this is what non-yoyoers see…

Kids use paint and brushes and so do adults and no one thinks less of those adults. Maybe with yoyos…it gets attached to your finger with a string so maybe that seems childish.

(Evan Landreneau) #64

He is wearing it on the wrong finger!

(ChrisFrancz) #66

You mean I’ve been doing it wrong all this time???

({John15}) #67

That makes me really uncomfortable

(Samuel) #69

Yea I thought to before I actually got into it. I didnt even know you did tricks. I only knew it went up and down.

(ChrisFrancz) #70

Yoyo King has packaging for one of their yoyos that has a hand with the string on an index finger just like in the photo above. No, I did not see the packaging in person. It was online.


Well back in middle school unresponsive yoyo wasn’t even a thing, and complicated tricks were basically just more elaborate rock the baby and man on the trapeze. I just recently got back into the hobby after being blown away by an unresponsive routine (I think it was a Gentry vid). I didn’t realize how far yoyo design had come from the $20 budget yoyos of the 90s that my friends and I used in the past. The endless combo possibilities really changed my opinion of yoyo and I jumped back onto the bandwagon just as definitively as I left it 20 years ago. I think a lot of the 30+ crowd here rediscovered yoyo in a similar manner. Most people probably don’t care, but I’ve always admired things like skateboarding and other technical practiced skills. At least with yoyoing I don’t have to worry about the high likelihood of injury.


no one does. sometimes when im outside at school, the department store etc… i pull out my yoyo and start throwing. no ones ever bothered me or watched me. no one cares. just waiting for another yoyoer to come up to me and play xd


Honestly kids are more likely to elicit interest. At a recent family gathering I brought my VTWO and my cousins 8 year old daughter was fascinated and wanted to play with it. I let her, but she soon realized that she wouldn’t be able to do much with it and gave it back. I’m thinking about getting her a budget responsive for Christmas and then teaching her the basic throw.


Yeah you should totally do that. My bar is kids that walk up to me and expressly indicate interest in yo-yo should absolutely get a (silicone pad, ball bearing) responsive in return :wink:


I remembered back in secondary school brainscrambler was the most impressive trick anyone can do :joy:

(ChrisFrancz) #76

You mean Brain Twister? The evening I learned that I was so excited I could barely sleep that night! Seriously!

(ClockMonster) #77

I believe Brain Twister and Brain Scrambler are two different names for the same trick.

(ChrisFrancz) #78

Thank goodness! I thought I had something else to learn. It just never ends…


I play at work all the time. I’ve got a few comments when people see me for the first time, but most people ignore it. Most of the time people will have conversations with me while I’m throwing and not even acknowledge what I’m doing. I think anyone that doesn’t do it themselves just doesn’t understand.

(ChrisFrancz) #80

Same here. I never do it to show off but people at work have walked up on me practicing which is how my former co-worker found out I yoyo which lead to me finding out he throws which lead to him teaching me Trapeze and Barrell Rolls. Yoyoing…you never know where it will lead; sometimes you just hit yourself in the _____ and sometimes great things happen.

(????????? ??????) #81

I threw once at school and now I’m a living meme

(ClockMonster) #82

I find it odd that people won’t say anything at all when they see someone they know doing fancy string tricks with a yoyo. I mean, ignoring it completely is just bizarre. I wonder if they are too embarrassed (for the player) to say anything…

(ChrisFrancz) #83

It IS pretty odd-looking to outsiders…

({John15}) #84

They’re just jealous :wink: