The Commoners

I hate it when commoners try yo-yoing with our yo-yo’s and they say stuff like

“Oh, I can do that thing where you flip like this and pop it and like wrap it 50 feet high and get it back up”

When they try out your yo-yo they leave you to undo the knot, wrap the string and put the yo-yo back together. I know it makes yo-yoing look harder than they think but It’s freakin annoying

But why do you need to be jerks to people who see yoyoing as interesting :frowning:

At least they are trying. Its not their fault that they can’t do it well. If my friend Shane had yelled at me, and told everyone how annoying I was, I probably wouldn’t be here.

lol! a kid tried my yoyo and put the string likein the axle somehow and the string got caught under the bearing! i was worried my yoyo was broken!!! :wink:

Well, those kids who said they can do all that, I let them try my yo-yo and they threw my yo-yo halfway across the room

Well this definitely isn’t the first thread like this but you really don’t need to bash people. Just think if you were the person that isn’t as skilled and someone was upset with you. It doesn’t make you feel good at all. Next time maybe you could show them how to do a trick. Sorry if I’m coming across as being mean, I’m not. I’m just saying my mind in a non-angry/mean way.

Yeah, they don’t yo-yo and they always talk about how yo-yoing is the worst thing in the world

It doesn’t matter. For me, I make sure they slip knot it well and snug.

after my DM being badly dinged, axle bent, and string knotted, i’ve learned not to let people try out your most prized yo-yos.

now, 2 of my yomegas are broken so far :smiley:

My Dark Magic is mine and mine alone. I’m greedy with it. Or really more like protective. I paid too much for it to hand it over to just anyone.

But I used to always keep a Speed Beetle with me too. That way when they want to try a yo-yo, which I have really been encouraging lately, they can use that one. It’s cheaper, and not too likely to break. Also it’s one that is super easy for anyone to use.

However, I say used to because it was stolen. We’ve got a kid with a serious klepto problem.

So what I would do is just not let them see your good ones, and keep a cheaper one on hand for public use.

Exactly what I do, except with a Brain and a Stealth Fire. People tend to hurt their finger with the brain though cause they throw it to try to sleep but they don’t stop their hand so the yoyo shoots back up and hits their hand hard and tightens the slipknot =P

I don’t try to do anything mean. I give them a “Ok” yoyo like a sunset or Loop720 so they can do some good tricks without hurting, I go give out my platsics and succh to other people who ask but I say “You cam’t bring it back to your hand”

I try to be as nice as possible when helping new throwers.

I let them try my Auldey. They say stuff like

“How hard can it be?”

The just let go, try to pull it up and the yo-yo smacks the floor.

It’s just great that people find interest in yoyos. Would you rather have a people hating on you because you like to yoyo. And if you don’t carry a beater and let them use your favorite throw, it’s your own fault if anything happens to it. So please don’t blame “the commoners” (which I find to be a bad term). Carry a beater, a responsive yoyo, anything for people that has no experience with newschool yoyos. And there is no need to be so confident that you just have to give them your unresponsive yoyo to show them that they don’t know how to throw. Be nice and encouraging to new yoyoers.

Addment: You started out like that once. And I bet you wouldn’t want people to let you try an unresponsive yoyo and make posts about you when you mess up their yoyos.

^^ Exactly. But I know first-hand that some people “find it interesting” because they want to make fun of you. It’s really stupid humor and it doesn’t make sense whatsoever but usually this doesn’t happen so just be as kind to them as you can.

People are people. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do.

There are always going to be people (young and old) in this world who want to malign you. There’s always going to be someone jealous of you. Someone who needs to belittle you in order to somehow “validate” themselves or their clique. Let the insecure remain that way.

You see it a lot in this hobby because of the average age of it’s participants. Not going to get into the psychology of the young adult mind, and I don’t think I really have to. We all know people, so there’s no need for an explanation at length.


Flies buzz. Fires burn. Plagues spread.

Haters hate.

That’s what they do. Keep them at arm’s length and you’ll be fine. Don’t get suckered into dealing with them in any capacity and your life will be much more sane and stress free.

The tone of the OP’s post suggests that he, himself, has been suckered into dealing with a hater or two. It’s a dangerous trap. Even if you “win” you still end up mad and in a position to make posts like this. Or attach negative labels like “Commoner(s)” to them. Before long, you end up joining them whether you realize it or not.

Agreed ^^ And it comes back at them. Today I was looking at yoyos in school and someone said, “Who would pay $20 for a yoyo? You’re weird dude.” I just shrugged it off and showed him the C22 =). Then less then 5 minutes later I heard him talking to someone and he said something along the lines of, “You like this rubix cube? I’m looking at getting a better one. It’s hard to start but once you get going it’s fun. Yeah some people think it’s weird but I think it’s cool.” Is it just me or did he just describe general yoyoing to the letter? I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be a jerk or anything but it just made me feel good when he said that. =)