This is what the average person thinks of when they think of a "yoyo" 😂

(Tyler) #22

Agreed - I think the Shutter is a great mid range monometal that has lasted quite a while in a rapidly changing market. Also, since so many people have one, newer players could probably pick one up used for like $20 to try it out.

(ClockMonsterLA) #23

I still like the Shutter a lot. It is so comfortable and reliable. And for newbies it is good because it is widely available and reasonably affordable. Of course, there are monometals for $10-15 less that folks will point out are just as good. But I don’t think that’s a knock on the Shutter as much as it is an indication of how good yoyos have become in general lately, and perhaps a sign that the Shutter is due for a price reduction.

(Evan Landreneau) #24

I love the shutter

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Look at this

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Great, now I want a hamburger :sob:


Hahahahah…me too

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Yesterday at work I had a small group of kids ages 3-7 for arts and crafts. I had my M002 in my pocket. I said: “Do you kids know what a yoyo is?” They shook their heads yes. I then went through a series of tricks. Before I finished, their heads were down as they continued their paintings. One girl lifted her head and asked me: “can you do the dog?” Oh, well. At least I am growing more comfortable with throwing in front of people.

({John15}) #29

Freaking lol. It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Most people could not care less about yo-yos. I have found that most people would rather completely avoid talking about it, even when you are trying to show them tricks or just casually throwing in their vicinity.

A couple of times now, I had been throwing while waiting for someone and when they finally came to greet me, they completely disregard the fact that I’m right in the middle of a semi complex trick and try to shake my hand anyway. Super. Awkward.

On a side note, I’ve tried to make it a point to reach for my yoyo instead of my phone when I’m out in public and have a couple of moments to burn.

(Alexander) #30

I guess some people simply can’t comprehend awesomeness when they see it,


Even if I did not care about yoyos I would still be curious if I saw someone do a trick even if it was rock the baby. I’m just a curious guy. I think it’s mostly yoyoers who find yoyoing interesting. Maybe when people see it in person they are baffled and don’t know what to say so they just act as if they don’t see anything. The girl really did say “can you do the dog” It was a kid so, free pass. Yesterday at work I was at the activities desk trying something out front style- I had a spinning yoyo three inches below my throw index with the string wrapped 3 times around it, slack pulled by my non throw index, string around my throw hand thumb as and my supervisor walked up - I let it all drop, bind, back to hand…”the order of potato chips came” then walks away. I wasn’t trying impress anyone. It was like the yoyo was invisible. Funny. Maybe yoyoing in public is like being a bell-ringing Santa…act as if he’s not really there and everything’s cool.

({John15}) #32

People are so weird. Whatever though, yoyo is satisfying whether anybody acknowledges it or not


I agree. If I was forced to compete in front of people I’d be pretty depressed because it would not go very good. Sometimes I am so proud of my progress that I want to show someone in the same way I’d want to show a painting. But my yoyoing and my painting are done for similar reasons and validation by others has never been something that I have I have sought.

(ClockMonsterLA) #34

I guess, but before we were yoyoers we were just ordinary civilians, and then we saw a yoyoer doing tricks and found an unexpected interest in it. I’m a good example of this. Before stumbling on a couple of expired yoyo group buys on Massdrop back in July, I would not have counted myself among those who found yoyos interesting. But I saw those Yomega Glides, found myself inexplicably curious about the current caliber of yoyo play, did some googling and was floored. A new yoyo fan was suddenly and unexpectedly born.

You just never know who will respond favorably to your yoyo play. While most folks will just ignore it as some weird pastime, every once in a while you’ll inspire someone to become a fan!

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I am aware of that. As I get better I no longer hide my throwing if I feel the need for speed! Almost threw at Walmart the other day buying laundry detergent.


It’s a return top…



My boss let me try his. He said I should get one because it would make me stronger for yoyoing. Good intentions. Where does the string go???

(Evan Landreneau) #40

We need to change the name of this website to !

(Joseph) #41

To be honest, I actually kind of prefer the name “Yoyo” instead of “hand gyroscopes” or “gyroshells”.

(Tyler) #42

I felt a little weird throwing at work when I first got into yoyo, and everyone said something about it. Now they mostly just ignore it lol.