The Walter

Wondering how many here have one of Spencer Berry’s Walters? Ive been trying to track one down, but in the mean time,how do you that own them like it? What do you like most about it?

I come from a responsive yoyo background, the Walter seems like the yoyo I was looking for for years. Up til almost a year ago my main yoyos were a Colf Fusion, Sleep Machine, No Jive and a butterfly turbo bumble bee. Feel like the Walter would fit me perfect.

I don’t play mine responsive. I really like the slimline shape though. The finish is also amazing. Dig the packaging as well.

Didn’t know it could be setup unresponsive, must’ve missed that when I read about them. What do you do to set it up that way?

It’s actually kind of hard for it not to be responsive since it comes with a normal bearing. Once the pads wear out it loses its responsiveness.

honestly, i find it hard to KEEP it responsive. it uses a regular wide c bearing so you have to lube it up pretty well and that breaks down over time. SUCH a good yo-yo though. plays a lot like an sb-2, but it’s got more modern weight distribution. really unique throw.

i’ve got a red one.

oops, that’s what I meant to say.

You can make most any yoyo responsive if that’s what you want. Just lube the bearing well.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a Walter, they sold out pretty quickly and I’ve yet to see one on the BST. That being said, with the following in mind:

Would it not be possible to simply thick-lube an ILYY Trvth?

You’d end up with something pretty similar… just an idea.

While that would absolutely work, I get where Aaron’s coming from.  Sometimes it’s nice to get exactly what you’re looking for.  Good luck!

Oh of course, it’s no real substitute for the real thing if that’s what he has his heart set on. It’s just for anyone else who might be interested in something slightly similar that would be abit easier to obtain. :slight_smile:

I actually like the look of the Trvth, looks like it’d be very fun to throw. Might pick on up this Friday if they’re still in stock…

the big difference there is that the trvth was designed to be unresponsive. it has a big wide 4.45mm gap which will kick back and loop up like crazy with a lubed up responsive bearing. shoot the moon is doable, but it’s not pretty. walter’s gap is 3.2 and it makes a huge difference. as long as the bearing is lubed, it plays like a responsive bearing yo-yo should - like a fixed axle with a bit more spin.

i know i have a bit of a tk bias, but if you can’t find a walter, i’d just buy a tom kuhn sb-2, which heavily influenced both of those yo-yo’s and which plays pretty great, too.

however, if you CAN get a walter jump on it because they are tons of fun. i know spencer is disappointed with me for not dinging mine up a bunch. :frowning: honestly, i play mine a lot, but i don’t usually put it in high-stress situations just because i usually reach for the yo-yo’s whose companies i’ve represented.

Walter is great, but honestly it scares me a little. The SPYY Flying V is a little less like a brick
whirling at your head if you mess up, and it is my favorite of the heavier, responsive yo-yos. For the lighter side, the TK TomCat is really cool, and the AXL elite.

How does the “RD” line comps are to the “SB” line? I know the SB’s probably have a lot more spin due to the material used, but wasn’t sure how much of a difference that would make.

Back on topic though, good luck finding that Walter Aaron, I know how it is looking for a holy grail like that. And I’m not even close to being as avid a collector as you are.

I love Walter!

the heftiness definitely puts stress on the lube, so it requires lots of lube to keep it playing responsive.

I tried setting it up with a clean bearing, and playing unresponsive, and it was a mess… BUT, it really shines when kept responsive.

Super fun, and if you have a slimmer bearing in there, that might benefit too… but I personally like it with a wider (i.e. regular C-bearing) and lots of lube and thick string.

it’s a real treat to throw around.

A bit of the evolution of the modern slim-line.
One thing i would mention to the OP, it very much depends on how you play whether or not you will
like the newer metal responsive yo-yos. i do not play on the level of the guys that get the most out of some of the new slimlines. For classic tricks, like the advanced string tricks of old (atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, basically all the bombs…) i really like the new, fixed gap sleep machines from TK. The original sleep machines were finicky monsters, but the new ones are really quite smooth and tons of fun. just my 2cents.[/URL][/img]


dang that’s a nice line-up. pretty honored to have the flying v in between a tom cat and a walter. the v definitely played the way it was meant to, but they’ve gotten tough to find too.

yeah sb also has the adjustable gap, which is nice. you CAN set up the sb’s to be mostly unresponsive, though i’m not sure why you would. honestly though the rd1 is great for the style of responsive play you want in the walter. it’s def lighter and not quite as tough, but they can handle most of the same tricks.

You could always get a large bearing SPR kit installed in a Cold Fusion. Not exactly the same thing, but very close.

Awesome collection there, I see a few that I’ve got (or had) in my collection!

I’ve got a SB-2, had it for years. Actually a friend is borrowing it right now. I know a Walter will eventually pop up, just will take time.

Me and my buddy made a czm8 responsive with a half c bearing and an axle for a responsive sage(one star pretty much), played alright

I finally tracked down a Flying V! Should be here next week. Now to find a Walter ;D