Spencer Berry's Walter?

I am getting one, for sure. They look very fun.

They are very fun

I probably would if I had the money.

What is a Walter?

A yoyo


It’s the responsive metal that CLYW is producing with Spencer if I’m not mistaken.

Chris helped out with the CAD file afaik, but pretty sure that’s where CLYW’s involvement ends. One Drop is manufacturing it.

CLYW did more than that

I love mine. It’s a wonderful yoyo made by a yoyoin genius and it deserves your attention

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the only reason I found out about was because one of your instagram pics. Now I’m hooked. Only throw I’ll be getting for a long while.

How much are they?

I like the finish on them.

that is the first yoyo I’ve seen that is making me consider exceeding my monthly budgeted allowance … I’m already looking around thinking “what can i sell, that i don’t use, to make up the difference” .


There’s only about 40 serial numbers left. Get one while you can.

This might be a Must Get for me. ;D

Love the look this seems like a really fun throw! Is the pre-order up?

Dang … 120… but i was saving to a used bass. I … I… I’m not sure i want to dip into that fund. New Bass or Yoyo … tough call.

That is one hot yoyo though.

Edit: This part of the blog made me laugh. Now I have to know where “improv beast mode” came from.

"Walter is not for everyone .

It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t buy a Walter – but it will bum me out if he sits unplayed because you don’t like tug responsive throws, bruised knuckles, or improv beast mode."

Worth. Every. Penny.

Seriously, the combination of smooth, modern bearing play and tug response is friggin amazing. I made up 3 tricks the day I got it.

Have you used it in any of your 365 tricks videos, if so which ones?