The Fixed Axle Megathread of Awesomeness

I just recently discovered this thread thanks to Sloppybinds- good stuff! I’m definately inspired to keep making and throwing fixies :wink:

Thanks for all the comments directed my way! I would not have felt inclined to share my yoyoing had GregP not held that old folks battle so you can either thank or blame him. ;D

Really glad to hear that you are still inspired to carve and share your spinning tethered art, Purplepottamus! I’d give you a major award if I could. =]

Its a good time to fix your axle with all these inspiring vids and yoyos!

Nah, I bet tricks like that were destined to be seen anyhow; you’d have made some vids! If I somehow contributed, though, I’m glad!

Neff let me shoot this clip to help me get down shoot-the-moon. it’s hard to get the feel for it, but i keep practicing. still can’t get the reps
like the old guys do though…

Awesome, thanks for sharing that, kevin (and by extension, thanks Chris!).

Basically, I did some stuff. The rest is icing.

Vimeo link included in case you can’t view it on youtubes.

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Haha! Whatchoo know 'bout rockin some wood, son???

I have that monkey mug, too. A pair of’em actually. :smiley: Had 2, broke 1, found a replacement. I was bummed we were down to 1, but now all is right in the world!

love that vid. honored to be referenced (unless you’re friends with ed “too tall” jones and he actually did fix your yo-yo for you).

really liked that a-minus/restart stuff. fresh.

Hehe, nice! My youngest daughter got me one for Christmas a couple years ago. I have also broken one and was really bummed, but she got me another. I should get a couple extra.

Thanks Ed! You’re a big (not too tall) inspiration and I love your vids. I’m guessing that a-minus is the no spin play? If not then A- is pretty rad grade and I’m happy with that. Can I get a star sticker too? ;D

Cool beans.  Now I can put up a new video this weekend.  This recent trend of having a “theme” threw me off.  Look for some random tricks.

Thanks, yooldman. I’m looking forward to that video!

Cold Fusion will be in the next video, anyway. My favorite trick. I can’t believe I haven’t showed it off yet. Also that double-or-etc… stall I was talking about earlier.

great video from Alexis JV; true, he uses a bearing, but tons of fixed axle concepts there. amazing!


Great video! Alexis does some great Shoot the Moons with that… er… kinked string…(? what do you call that?) technique, too.

I want to learn that technique so badly.

i don’t know if there’s a name for it—i always just say “intentionally snagged”—but yeah, it is super radical! chris chia’s done some sweet shoot the moon stuff, too, as did jake bullock back in '06 or so, but i’ve never seen anybody push the snagged stalls as far as alexis does. gnarly!

as for me, here’s my latest:

all kinds of flip suicides, some old favorites & some new hotness. learn more here!


I think you stopped being human a while ago Drew. This is amazing! Time to pick up my butterfly buddies and try my hand at some of these.

Yeah, that’s all nutty stuff. I’m happy just hitting kickflips. :smiley:

Awesome.  I saw two tricks in that video I can do .  Well, maybe not two, and maybe do is a strong word.  Understand may be the right word.  (I may be exaggerating)

My kickflip suicide consistency seems to still be changing a lot. Some days I’ll hit 2 in 3 all day, others I’ll only get 1 in 4. I’ll get it down 100% eventually haha.