The Fixed Axle Megathread of Awesomeness

Great stuff, Drew!

I plan on learning that offhand loop warp stat. It looks good and I really enjoy mixing the looping in to keep a flow going, generating some momentum/spin and for transitions, etc.

Really diggin that pinwheel/shoot the moon/behind the head stall catch.

That heelflip suicide is sweet! I’ve been attempting it without success. I will have to try it from the gorilla-style mount.

Love the 180 shoot the moon catch!

I understand the use the slow motion to make video fit the song. That’s the reason at least half of the footage was included in my last vid. :-[ Used a little gratuitous slow motion as well.

Thanks for sharing.

@Hendy It really is amazing how fun and rewarding it is. To me it feels like the slow country lifestyle vs the frenetic big city pace. Maybe a better comparison is American style juggling vs European style juggling whereas fixed axle play is more like European style where you interrupt rhythm and flow with stalls/regens and less predictability in patterns. Whatever it is, its a lot of fun.

Good stuff.  I’m sure I’ll always remember this as your teapot video.

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Has anyone else here come across the idea of a kickflip moebicide? It’s become my favorite trick lately and I’m just wondering if I’m the first to come up with it.

No, I’ve done that before. Also a crisis variation from a moedini stall.

It’s crazy tough, right?

Can I chime in, even if I don’t TECHNICALLY have a fixie yet? So far I’ve mastered stalls on my raider (which doesn’t really count…but whatev), and those chopstick stall things. Also landed a kickflip ONCE (that’s what those suicide things are right?)


I’ve landed it a whole two times. Yay. Also, ignore what I said about my crisis variation. I described it wrong.

I can actually land it 1 in 2 or 3 tries. Practice pays off!

Yoyo sacrilege - Profane throws, unclean spins, and wrongful catches.

The theme of this video was to break some rules and assault all primary senses, so I tried my bestest to dun broke 'em. The primary focus of this video is concept exploration and execution of catching and throwing the yoyo improperly. The first throw, I’m holding the yoyo with the string wrapped in the wrong direction intentionally so that I can respond directly into a stalled undermount trap from a forward pass. I then regen out and land in the same stalled undermount trap, but the direction that the yoyo is spinning makes it harder. I follow up the next throw with the same concept but directly into a trapeze from a front throw instead of a forward pass, and repeat. The third throw is a false Asian pop to a little landing I call “uncircumcised philistine” because I don’t know any other way to describe it and I was looking at one of my dogs when I was thinking about this. The last throw is some kinda nonsense inspired by Drew’s last vid. Finally, you see the uncircumcised philistine incapacitated and completely demoralized while I do a cavity search on the primary canines. The audio arrangement is stream of consciousness directly from my cerebral cortex to yours. Leave your shoes and your expectations at the door.

Without further ado:

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Darn, I thought I had come up with that first move! I always hate when this happens!
Nice video, though! Breaking the rules is always fun!

Hehe, thanks!

I seriously doubt I have ever made anything new. Every time I have ever thought that, I have been proven wrong. A wise person once said that there is nothing new under the sun and I am in no position to argue with that. :slight_smile:

Whether there’s anything new under the sun or not, videos like that are putting you at the forefront of the fixed-axle “Rebirth of Cool”. :wink: Nicely done!

Well, with the vast array of options and possibilities in yoyoing, there is always something new to be discovered. Sometimes someone else has thought of it already, but the way I see it three remains infinite innovation to be made in yoyoing.

nice vid! it’s cool to see tricks with a theme in mind, i’ve thought a lot lately about the aesthetics of failure in tricks, too.

one thing in particular that’s been interesting to me lately is when the string twists up on a stall landing. normally, it feels like a mistake because it takes time to untwist and can interrupt the flow of the trick, but i figured out you can use it to start the yo-yo spinning and power a suicide around. neat! calling it a “shuvit suicide”, more on that later.

and yeah, i love the amount of possibility for innovation in yo-yo tricks… even if it’s been done before, it feels really cool to discover something new to you! elephark mentioned to me that one of the coolest things about fixed axle tricks is that they all could have been done by some kids in the '60s and we just never knew about it because there wasn’t the community to preserve it.

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SloppyBinds, you make me want to play with my yoyo. I can think of no higher praise.

because i love you guys, here’s tomorrow’s vid.

needless to say, i sort of [totally] broke the rules this week. i discuss that in the write up, which goes live tomorrow on yoyonews. hope you don’t hate me now.  :frowning:

also, because you deserve actual fixed axle, here’s an interesting variation on drew’s shuvit (which is GENIUS). i guess it’s kind of a varial kickflip? i’ve hit it more times than the regular shuvit actually… that thing is HARD.

I picked up my old butterfly and finally learned how to do a trapeze stall! You guys make me want to play fixed axle more and more. I can’t wait to get a woodie next month for my birthday. :slight_smile:

I think this should become a thing.
“Do Fixie Tricks on a Bearing Yoyo Thursday”

Quick make a Facebook group. I’m sure it’ll catch on.


Some videos are inspiring because I’m all “I can DO that with some more work!”

Some videos are fun to watch because I just shake my head going, “I don’t know how anyone can be that good!”

The very rare video has a combination of both of those. :wink: (In that one, only a few made me think I could pull it off, but they were indeed in there, just hiding!)