Fixed axle tricks **(update 10-28-12)**


So ive decided to convert this into my little thread of fixed axle tricks. Whenever i have a new fixed axle trick to share it will go here:
Butterflys are fun

GT stall:

Drop and Go:


Double or nothing to bird in hand stall

enjoy and stuff


Is that a regular old 4 dollar drug store butterfly??

If so, that is epic.


I sense witchcraft? :-\


Yeah, its just a stock butterfly.


That behind the back thing was awesome! I’ve been practising with my Butterfly a lot lately.
And you finally posted on the forum :wink:

(Jerrod) #6


(Mitch) #7

It warms my heart to see some other people set down the $100 throws to pick up some fixed axle fun… My 66 rules Proyo gets as much play as my Genesis.

Some inspiration:

Ed Haponik is a fixed axle genius.




Those were some sick tricks! been picking up my green butterfly every once in a while, off to give it some attention right now. ;D

(Mitch) #10

What’s the wooden yoyo you’re using?


Tmbr baldwin

(Waylon) #12

I’m looking forward to more of this.


Why have I not seen this thread before…??


Update new tricks added