What are good tricks to learn for Fixed-Axle?


Like, what tricks are good to learn because they have a lot of other tricks that use them? What are the staples?


I’m pretty sure trapeze is used in some fixed axle tricks.


Check out Kyle Nations’ latest video. Or stuff by Ed Haponik and Drew Tetz in their series on YoyoNews.com. Plenty of stalls, regens, “tough love” (intercept or otherwise catch the yoyo but NOT with your normal throw-hand catch!) moves.

You wouldn’t be steered astray to work on regens and learn the trapeze stall (and trapeze-bro stall) as your first moves.

Sidewinders and UFOs are always good for fun, too. :wink:


I know:

Trapeze stall

Bro stall

Double or Nothing stall

Houdini stall

That one handed stall thing

Under mount stall

1.5 stall

Trapeze stall suicide

A lot of tough love stuff

Um… That’s it I guess. Are there any other fundamental moves I should learn?


Oh, and a whole lot of tension adjusting stuff.


Man, sounds like you’re well on your way! Certainly further along than I could give you advice for.

Those trapeze stall suicides (kick flip suicides) are my favourite right now.


It’s been a fun 5 days.


eat your heart out! or… read a bunch of words! i guess more that second one, there’s not really a whole lot of eating to be done.

some of my staples include dumptrucks, kickflip suicides, sidewinder/UFO stuff, and shoot the moons/planet hops. try finding new connections between your stalls, or integrating them with normal string tricks. play around and have fun! that’s what counts.


Yeah mean listen to drew! He’s the master


What string do you use on your butterflies? Do you use them stock?


they are stock! most of the time i’m using standard poly string, sometimes when i’m feeling real crazy (or just need long string) i’ll use a fat kitty string, but those take a little while to break in.

i definitely think that some butterflies feel better than others, but yeah, i don’t really do any mods or anything. i like to put stickers on the sidecaps to make them look cool! i feel like that gives me a mental edge

also, probably my favorite fixed axle move right now is the cross-armed 1.5 stall. it’s so handy for going into stuff, i feel like i’m opening every combo with either that or the chopsticks 2or0 stall


I cheated with my butterfly. I broke it open and sanded some of the starbursts down. How long is your string?


cheater!.. nah, do what makes you wanna play with it, haha.

i very rarely cut my strings. i find that a lil’ extra length gives you more room when it winds up for stalls, but you might wanna hack off a few inches if you’re doing a lot of loops and want some extra room. or if you aren’t six feet tall. up to you.