Fixed Axle Flappy-Yo Challenge

I have been practicing my fixed axle play and had an idea for a new game.

The goal of the fixed axle flappy-yo challenge is to see how many consecutive trapeze stalls and regeneration from the stall to a regeneration instead of catching to a new trapeze stall.

To keep things simple it counts on the trapeze stalls. So the first stall you land counts as one. I you re-gen to re-gen back to trapeze stall then that counts as 2. Do it again and it is a score of 3.

This is a fun way to practice stalls and regenerations. These skills are great for developing fixed axle combos that look longer then they actually are.

My highest score so far is 5. I know you guys can beat me!

If you find it to easy you can always try Double Or Nothing stalls or bird in hand stalls. :wink:

Good luck!


Scratch that.

:’( The last cotton string I had left just broke when I was playing on my No-Jive.

I was doing something similar with over the hand loops on my 1960’s Butterfly last night. I’ll have to test out the trapeze stall game, because I can definitely use practice on my regens.

You guys crushed my score! My regens like to go sideways lol. They are getting better though!

Mine go sideways as well, having trouble getting it to remount into the stall. Any tips?

Sadly enough, the only tip is to keep practicing.

I checked to see how many I can do in a row but I got bored after 100. :slight_smile:

I saw your YouTube video with the oak axle Butterflys. That was awesome!

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I did 101 just for fun. I could’ve gone a lot longer :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @yooldman: I just knew I should do the extra 1 after 100! :smiley:

Holy cow bro.
I stoped cause I broke my jff.

Could somebody post a video so I can further understand what you are trying to do? Thanks

This would be a heck of skill builder. I’ve found myself doing this as part of playing with trapeze stalls of various sorts and it’s definitely tough to get repeated clean regens that can be used to keep doing more tricks. Credit to those for whom it is second nature; that’s some time commitment.

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Here you go.  It’s the first trick in this video.  I figured as long as I was taping I’d do some bird in hands and double-or-nothings.  (Double-or-nothing is tough.)  Then I just kind of put it all together at the end.


Cool video! Very fluid and smooth. Somebodies been practicing!

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The key is to only know a dozen tricks. They eventually end up smooth. :slight_smile:

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Wait so are they called bird in hands or lunars? Sorry I’m still a noob at some of the terminology. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are called both, but I only refer to them as lunars when done from shoot the moon.

Ah ok thanks!