Fixed Axle Flappy-Yo Challenge

I will say “many”. I can do “many” of these.

I bet you mean infinity.

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Someone’s competitive ;D

Yes, yes you are.

Well, it isn’t the flappy-yo challenge, but I’ve been taking part in a contest on Facebook called the yoyo consistency challenge.  Every week a new trick is picked and you see how many times you can do it without missing.

This week’s trick was Man on the Flying Trapeze/Trapeze Brother stalls.  Here’s the video of my best attempt.  Yep, 109.  I don’t really recommend watching it though.  It’s a little repetitive.  :wink:

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Great videos and great idea. Very cool fellas.

Wow, this is a great practice exercise. I can do quite a few but one slight shaky throw and poof… I can’t do 100+ like some of you without fixing a throw with a reflip.

Great demonstration!  I can not even get two so I guess I must keep on working.
I also saw your oak axle butterfly video.  What length did you cut the dowel?

I watched this entire thing. Great music choices yooldman, and watching the hand movements that many times felt like practice.

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I cut the dowel to the same length as the original axle. Plus a hair. :wink: The key is to set the gap, (2-penny) a good coating of Elmer’s school glue holds it all together great.


^ there’s also a video on his YouTube outlining the project.

I was just taking pictures, but the slide show looked so good.

This is a lot of fun. I love those old butterflies with the wood axle swapped in there. Too cool.

Some observations while doing this repeater. I noticed it helps a lot to keep the yoyo moving at a consistent pace, regardless of being in the breakaway or regen portions. Also, during the regen to continue into another breakaway, let the string hook over the top of the throw hand and literally use that hand to pull the yoyo over and around. It really helps keep the yoyo straight, plus makes it look really flowy.