Fixed axle next steps

(Jim Honaker) #1

I have been throwing my fixed axles everyday now for the past couple of weeks. I can do trapeze stalls and front mount mount stalls consistently clean. Brother stalls and throw hand chopstick stalls are fairly consistent as well.

What is a next step I should take? Something that builds off of the stall? Any suggestions.


There is 1.5 Stall ,Double or Nothing Stall, Wrist Mount stall, Bucket Stall, Split Bottom mount stall to add a few. Then link them all together in multiple combinations. Remember to have fun and throw some around the worlds and walk the dogs. World Tour to one handed Lunar Stall is a fun one I’ve been doing lately. The Bandalores on Instagram has some intense trick concepts and don’t forget @ed1 tutorials on YYE.

(ed) #3

If the next steps aren’t apparent, just build them yourself!

(Jim Honaker) #4

I did go back and started doing tape measures. My daughter loves playing with real tape measures so she got a kick out of that. Working on dumptrucks and more stalls. Dumptrucks seem so easy when you see it, but darn is it tough for me.

(Spinworthy Glen) #5

I think a good next step for you would be to learn zipper stalls.

(Jim Honaker) #6

Yes, I agree. I was just watching the tutorial on yye!

(Spinworthy Glen) #7

Another good one would be Makin’ Da 'Zines

(Jim Honaker) #8

I was doing the modified version, I can’t get the hang of throwing it up before the regen.

(Spinworthy Glen) #9

I’m not sure what the modified version is.

(Jim Honaker) #10

If you watch the video @ed1 talks about modifying it. After the stall you simply throw it off and as it returns to your hand you regen it and do it again. It is definitely not makin da zines.


A really good one is the Sidewinder to Lunar. It’s a really cool trick that also adjusts your tension!

(ed) #12

Before there were “Zines” we would just do planet-style regens from Trapeze Stall forever. As at :30 on this vid (which is somehow 10 years old now, jeez…)

Don’t feel like you need to follow any prescribed lists or order in fixed axle (or in anything). Anything which could be considered “essentials of the new fixed axle style” today was VERY recently just whatever silly stuff people were messing with. :slight_smile:


My fave

(Jim Honaker) #14

Yes that is how I’m practicing my trapeze stalls, regen, and throwing in a brother stall.


Judging by that video, I’d say Green Triangles were the next step! :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: