The 0A Thread (Fixed Axle & Modern Responsive)

Have you tried the Weekender? As close to feeling like fixed axle wood as I’ve tried.


Yeah the Weekender would be my recommendation as well. I didn’t realize you were looking to buy. Haven’t tried the Daytripper.

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The new batch of Day Trippers should be dropping in a couple weeks. These are 47g slimline Weekenders with 650b Pads and greased A bearings. The shape is very reminiscent to a Duncan Pro Z, but its machined 6061 by One Drop. These are definitely pocketable 0A slayers.


Weekender is the closest thing I have tried. It’s my favorite bearing responsive. That may change though once my day tripper arrives.


@Glenacius_K the Weekender is awesome, but I like the Delrin one you made even better. Buy the Day Tripper or Weekender, sure, but make yourself a Delrin one like the one you made for me.

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A Delrin Weekender is basically the Pop Art, but with 21mm Snowtires

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I don’t think it’s all that great, personally.

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Did you ever play it as a responsive?

I got you to make it for me after playing the one you made for @TheThrowingGnome. He loved it too. Maybe he likes the Weekender better now though, I think he might have gotten rid of his? It came as an unresponsive, but I only play mine responsive.

It’s one of my favorite yoyos.

Still got it. Still love it. Not better or worse than Weekender, just different.

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I’ve used an Alleycat 650B and I don’t really like it. That’s the only modern responsive I’ve used. Based on all the specs of the others, nothing else will cut it either.

You like the Weekender. Trust me. WAY different than 650b. Plays like wood.

I believe that it would play pretty well for sure. But A bearing can never cut it for me. The diameter is too large.

Huh, the A bearing is too large? I’m confused.

Yes. A bearing is too large. C is even worse.

I guess you’ll have to make your own with a smaller bearing then? Otherwise, you could lube up a flea. (Imagine if a non-yoer read that!)


Is there a bearing that is smaller than a size A? Isn’t it barely bigger diameter than a large axle?

Indeed there are many smaller.

I’ve got some smaller bearings. I can’t remember what they came out of, but there didn’t use to be as much of a standard.

Here ya go, Glen, just wait for a restock on these, buy a metal lathe, and make your own!

Yeah, you can find all sizes, they don’t have to have ever been used in a yoyo, necessarily.

Instock Spec XS:

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Is the string “locking in” with stall something you all feel is necessary? Do you find that you can land kickflips without the string locking in with a stall?

absolutely not necessary. you can land kickflips on a super wide gap without the string “locking”. just a different feel. i find it easier to regenerate consistently out of a flip when the string hasn’t locked in at all.

re: tiny bearings - a raider bearing/spacer setup in a modern responsive (i.e. cherry bomb but with 650b pads or what have you) would be an interesting modern responsive experiment. the reason most people gravitated to c bearings was that as gaps got wider, you got kickback with smaller bearings. but if you’re talking about going as thin as typical wood gaps, it wouldn’t be an issue. (i’ll grant you i’ve never had a prob w a-size either.)

for me, my heart is in wood throws and metal/plastic will always be a cool but crude approximation. in this case, you can’t improve on IMperfection. :wink: