Show some wooden yoyos you've made

Fresh off the lathe. This thing is smooooth. I realized today what I did wrong on it, I cross cut the wood. Next time I’ll cut with the grain. I think it will have a better chance of not chipping out.


That’s a good looking throw!


Anyone have a guess what this groove is suppose to do or if it is even effective?


That groove is simple a chip out of the wood when he was tapping the half. Its no issue.

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Do you mean the groove that looks kind of like a schmoove groove?

According to Colin from TMBR, the groove is meant to help lock in the string during stalls to help retain the loop for flips and such.

He discusses here: Login • Instagram


Yea I was talking about the shmoove groove… ok cool I will take a look. I’m curious how affective it is in reality

If you familiar with any of his earlier models then you will be able to tell a difference. It does what it was meant to do. It does require some break-in and can be a little snaggy until it does.


Makes sense

Two yoyos for Kyle to test. One with the traditional.Spinworthy response and one with the new.


The gap is smaller at the axle, but quickly widens out? How well does it handle string layers?

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Seems to handle them excellently.

The reason is that the little nub that protrudes into the axle is around the same height as the string loop, so it doesn’t interfere with string wraps (or at least very little). It responds well and you don’t get that aggressive and bitey feeling that response holes give.


If Kyle approves of the response system, I’m going to be using it in every yoyo I make.


But what helps the string catch to respond? No holes or anything?

Very cool that you’re looking at issues you’ve noticed and innovating to overcome them. My KN is my favorite fixed already and if you’ve found an improvement, that’s awesome. One of the things I appreciate about Mk1, you and a few others is the open design process and sharing things you like/don’t like about your stuff and even sometimes others’ (which can be a touchy thing if you don’t want to be a donk).

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For years I’ve known that the most important area for the yoyo to respond is immediately around the axle, so I thought I’d just focus on that. Those tiny nubs do just fine.

The reason I always used to use the holes was to make sure the string has something to grip to regen properly. Its just a little too aggressive, so this is a welcome change.



Have you ever tried to use smaller holes or maybe even a silicone response ring?

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That would be difficult to maintain in a glued together yoyo…

Why is it dependent upon Kyle’s opinion?

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Because I’m not excellent with string tricks on fixed axle yoyos and he is, so he will be able to tell me if it passes muster on that front.

Also, he’s a fixed world champ so his opinion is valuable to me, not to mention one of my only players.


Makes sense!

I’ll be happy to give you my opinion too! I like to do string tricks on fixed axles, especially SWs:


Well, I was thinking of making your requested Spectra yoyo with this response.