Show some wooden yoyos you've made

Great work! Reminds me of certain Hildy Brothers throws.

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The most beautiful sawdust I have ever seen. I’m going to use a Fluid 3D printing kit from YYE and I found Purple Heart wood! Looking around for exotic wood locally and I found the most amazing wood working supply shop. They have all the cool stuff. So if this works well then I will go back to try others.


Do you know what happened to them? They look great.


Their website is up but whether they’re still producing and selling I don’t know – I’m sure more knowledgeable members will step in at this point :smile:

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What is a good gap width and axle diameter for a wood axle? And is oak ok for a axle?

I usually stick with an eight or nine playing card gap. Oak will work just fine for an axle. My personal favorite axle size is 5/16" because I find it offers a more consistent response, but a smaller diameter like 1/4" will give a little extra spin time.