Show some wooden yoyos you've made

(Spinworthy Glen) #265

Don’t be fooled by its looks; it’s total poo. Lol

I like the concept though and will make another laminated one another time using different woods. The density of the purpleheart was way off with this one.


What if you slim it down and cut back the purple heart a little?

(Spinworthy Glen) #267

That would help, but I wanted this one wide (46mm).

(LJ) #268

That’s a beauty Glen. I just bought this yesterday so hopefully I’ll have some yoyo/spin top pics to post in this thread soon!


Nothing like a little woodworking and a cigar! :joy::rofl:

There’s something about a four jaw lathe chuck that just looks so…satisfyingly “gadgety”.

That lathe has a few different versions, three or four companies put it out under different names. I’ve got one it’s a great tool for yoyo making. Make sure you get it on a nice solid table!


I really like that shape!!!

(Spinworthy Glen) #271

That’s a nice new lathe and the perfect choice for beginning, and, complete with a scroll chuck!

They’re actually really good for the price. I would still have mine if it didn’t die on me (mine was already at least 25 years old when I bought it).

I started off with the same lathe, except mine was badged as the Australian brand ‘Ledacraft’.

(Spinworthy Glen) #272

Haha. Before I had a lathe stand, I used to put mine on top of my thin MDF workbench😱.

I don’t recommend that.

(Spinworthy Glen) #273

Ahhhh… And I just love the look of a nice new lathe bed… Free from scratches, CA, sanding sealer, shellac etc… :star_struck:

(LJ) #274

So I haven’t used a lathe in literally decades. Just familiarizing myself with it. I made this just eyeballing it. It actually spins great! :grinning:

(Spinworthy Glen) #275

Looking good! Pine? Ash? Oak?

(LJ) #276

Thanks! It’s ash. Can’t wait to make a yoyo!

(Spinworthy Glen) #277

Made a desk walker for my son. Spotted gum.


Do they still make the ‘make a yoyo out of anything’ kit? I can’t find it. Otherwise what are ya’ll using to do your bearing yo’s?

({John15}) #279

One Drop Cabal guts most likely. You can buy them direct from them


I looked but didn’t see them? I’ll keep looking, TY.

({John15}) #281

No, contact them through email. They’re not listed on the site you just have to enquire


Ahh… coolio speak easy style. Thanks for the heads up!

(Spinworthy Glen) #283

Thought I’d make myself a one-piece yoyo today. It’s turned from a single block of pepperwood. Thought it might make a nice EDC.

(Gethin) #284

Gorgeous! How do the one pieced ones play?